Our Cars: Skoda Citigo 1.0 MPI Monte Carlo

Our time with the little red Citigo is at its end. It's proved extremely capable but has it left a lasting impression?
When our time is coming to an end and we’ve covered all the important bits, we’ve got to start searching out things to complain about.
You can't do a proper house move in a tiny hatchback, but even so the Citigo surprised with its practicality.
A cheap 12V charger and a problem with fuses leads to some serious anger issues in the Citigo.
We change our vehicle for Our Cars every six months - but if it was time to pick a car to last for a lot longer, would the Citigo do?
The Citigo isn't alone. Volkswagen and SEAT also make what is basically the same car at the same factory. What's the difference?
We've been racking up hundreds of motorway miles in the Citigo - but rather unlike the proverbial fish out of water, it's coping well.
It might have less power than some of the cars I've run in the past, but the Citigo is still a lot of fun.
The Citigo is designed for town work, but chances are most buyers will have to take to the motorway some time. How does it fare?
People buy cars like the Citigo because they're cheap - not only to buy but also to run. Will it save you money?
At £300 should you choose the optional PID, or is an everyday aftermarket navigation system up to the same job?
We say hello to Skoda's tiny urban runabout - the Citigo. Is it the perfect car for the capital? We'll find out over the next six months.

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