Our Cars: SEAT Leon ST 1.6 TDI DSG

After six months and 9000 miles our Leon ST is going back. And we think it's one of the best compact estates out there.
Matt has been trying out the voice activation on our Leon ST. But is it merely a pointless gimmick?
The Leon ST is a car that really does like to help you and offer advice. And sometimes it can be a bit overzealous.
Our Leon ST doesn't come with automatic headlights which isn't too much of a problem. Apart from when you go into a tunnel.
With an errant engine coolant light repeatedly coming on, our Leon ST has had an engine limp home incident.
While our Leon is proving an impressive estate, it dies seems to keep warning of a non-existent coolant level problem.
Matt is finding that a combination of start/stop and the DSG automatic gearbox makes for frustrating driving in the Leon.
While Matt may not like the start/stop system he's a big fan of the excellent media and navigation system in the Leon.
Over some long distances Matt has been able to see if using the cruise control improves fuel economy.
The Leon ST has been busy with estate duties lately as our resident photographer Matt packs all his kit in.
Matt has had several long motorway trips in the Leon and is enjoying the fast-shifting DSG automatic gearbox and the strong fuel economy.
We take delivery of the new Leon ST and Matt is immediately impressed with the 1.6 TDI engine and neat styling.

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