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14 November 2017: Our big MINI PHEV: what's it all about?

The Details

Current mileage 822
Claimed economy 134.5mpg
Actual economy 61.4mpg

Before getting into the pragmatic reality of running the BIG MINI, we should probably talk a bit about how it works and what it promises.

It’s powered by a plug-in petrol-electric hybrid drivetrain – one that gives it de facto all-wheel drive because the petrol engine turns the front axle and the electric motor the rear one. The power sources can each work alone or simultaneously, resulting in the unique – and occasionally bizarre, more of which later – reality of a car that’s both front and rear-wheel drive. It makes roundabouts more interesting, anyway.

MINI claims a 25-mile range from the electric motor  alone, which has 88PS and, more importantly, 165Nm peak torque from standstill. For reference, a MINI One petrol hatchback gives you 102PS and 190Nm at 1350rpm.

Add the petrol motor – the three-cylinder unit found in the MINI Cooper, with 136PS and 220Nm – and you’ve got a combined output of 224PS and 385Nm. That’s enough to justify attaching a ‘Cooper S’ badge to the tailgate. The 0-62mph time justifies it too - 6.8 seconds.

Mini E Cooper S 038

                                     This is the badge you get on a PHEV. Green...

The 0-62mph time also, no doubt, gives MINI license to call this Countryman “a sporty proposition” and such like. That’s paraphrased from a conversation I had with someone at the company, the subtext being “this is not an eco car, but a fun car that happens to be eco.”

The sub-subtext to that, I reckon, is “don’t expect any green miracles from this thing.” As you’ll discover in later updates, that’s a wise approach.

In fairness, that’s the case with all petrol-electric hybrids, as our Real MPG figures attest. To save you clicking the link, Britain’s best selling plug-in, the Outlander PHEV, manages 58% of its claimed 100mpg average.

If our MINI gets 58% of its claimed average I’ll be over the moon. Not literally. It will be 78mpg. BIG MINI’s official combined consumption rating is 134.5mpg. Never going to happen, surely.

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