Our Cars: Mazda3 2.0 GT Sport

Keith reckons the Mazda saloon is a winner.
We get to grips with Mazda's new all-wheel drive system for the its 3 hatchback.
We're longing for the return of the Mazda 3 SkyActiv-D diesel...
We sample the peace and quiet afforded by the new 3's interior
We look at one of the Mazda 3's strong points - handling
Three months in and we take stock of the pros and cons of Mazda 3 ownership
Mazda takes a step backwards in a bid to move forwards
For such an important car, there are some glaring faults with the new Mazda 3.
Posh new interior is a big talking point for the new Mazda 3 - but is it any good?
Does Mazda's traditionally older customer want really want a car with a firm ride and poor access?
New engine, new platform, new everything. Say hello to the all-new Mazda 3.

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