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23 August 2012: Magic seats are ... errr... magic

One feature that's always been popular on the Honda Jazz are its 'magic seats' in the back.

They've been a standard item in the Jazz since it launched back in 2002 and since they've been available on the larger Civic, they've become a stand-out feature in the Civic and gives it a practicality edge over its rivals,

If you're unfamiliar with Honda's excellent 'magic seats', then the concept is beautifully simple, even if the engineering behind it isn't: the seat squab bases can be folded upwards to free up floor space for large, bulky items. That means you have a choice. You can still conventionally fold the seats to increase bootspace, but you also have the option of keeping those seatbacks in place and folding the squabs upwards. They then lock into place so that they don't fall back down when you're on the move.


For me, personally, this feature has been a hugely useful. Within seconds the Civic can be transformed from everyday hatch into a car that has near-MPV levels of space. It's surprising just how much space there is and how practical the Civic becomes. Especially so if you're planning a wedding - we were able to pick up the drinks for our wedding from a local vineyard in just a few short trips, thanks to those 'magic seats' (see below)

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23 August 2012: Magic seats are ... errr... magic
Civic finally gets the 'fold-up' seats that have been so popular in the Jazz for years.
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