Our Cars: Ford Kuga Titanium X 2.0 TDCi

After three months and more than 3000 miles, it’s time to say goodbye to our Ford Kuga. It's become a firm favourite in the Powell household and we’re sorry to say goodbye.
I compare Ford’s range-topping SUV with same of the competition. How does it fare against the sleek and slender Audi Q3?
The Kuga takes to the French autoroutes as we test its mettle on the continent. And the good news is that it makes the perfect long distance companion.
After weeks of music mishaps, Ford takes the Kuga in for some much needed maintenance.
It has been a prime time for the Kuga as we’ve discovered it also transforms into a rather good van.
Kuga gives us the silent treatment as iPod connectivity stops working. Thankfully the DAB radio has stepped up to the challenge.
It’s been a busy few weeks for the Kuga. I’ve covered 800 miles, which has been split between motorway runs and rural trips.
Now in its second generation, the Ford Kuga has plenty of crossover appeal, with an attractive design, cavernous interior and a silky smooth diesel engine.

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