Our Cars: Ford Grand C-MAX 2.0 TDCi

It's been worked hard and now we say goodbye to the family-friendly Grand C-MAX. It's going to be missed.
A rogue piece of metal debris on the outside lane of the M1 has left our C-MAX with some considerable front end damage. And Matt's nerves shot to pieces.
The six-speed PowerShift dual clutch automatic fitted to our Grand C-MAX isn't ideal when you need instant power which has resorted to Matt using the manual mode.
Our Grand C-MAX has developed an annoying albeit intermittent fault which means it won't unlock, even when you revert to the traditional metal key.
The C-MAX has plenty of technology on board with some surprisingly advanced systems but lots of functions means lots of buttons and switches.
The snow may be causing problems but I've still got to get to shoots and the C-MAX is proving a surprisingly capable car in the tricky conditions.
Our C-MAX is proving a good family car but as a seven-seater it doesn't leave much in the way of boot space. For the same money you could buy a larger S-MAX.
As a car photographer my everyday vehicle has to put up with a lot so having the right car can make all the difference to getting a good shot.
The C-MAX is far more than a Focus with a taller body. It has some genuinely useful features that make everyday family life that bit easier.
Our C-MAX is already impressing us with its long distance comfort plus we've also been getting to grips with the park assist system.
The latest addition to our fleet is the family-friendly Ford Grand C-MAX which will be run by our regular photographer Matt.

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