Our Cars: Dacia Sandero 1.2 Access

After six months' dependable service, we finally call time on our Dacia Sandero Access. So what was it like living with Britain's cheapest car?
The Sandero's now working for its living, with lots of New Year miles being clocked-up in the interests of work...
The holidays meant lots of trips in the Dacia Sandero Access. Is the honeymoon with Britain's cheapest car still on?
A week in a Dacia Logan MCV as well as an MG3 gives us something to think about...
As the winter deepens, we're finally beginning to rack-up decent mileage in our bargain Dacia Sandero
Now winter's well and truly upon us, Keith's wishing he'd chosen a brighter Sandero for its grey days
They might have only gone on sale in the UK in January 2013, but Dacia has been around a lot longer than that.
Not having central locking is one thing - we can live with that - but why make it so awkward to use? Still, we're enjoying great economy right now, and that goes a long way to making it up...
The Sandero's been quiet so far, thanks to the lack of a stereo, but after picking up a few more bits, and taking an hour out, it's all in and we have music on the go!
It's been a quiet couple of weeks, but there's also a peace inside, which we hoped would have been broken by now.
We've been piling on miles and our no-frills Dacia Sandero is yet to put a foot wrong. We're getting used to those black bumpers and enjoying plenty of lounging room.
It's Britain's cheapest new car, but does that low price mean you need to make sacrifices? We're going to run a Dacia Sandero for six months to find out.

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