Our Cars: Dacia Logan MCV

The Logan is the cheapest estate car on sale in the UK but how does it stack up against the competition.
The back to basics Logan requires turning a key in order to unlock the doors and boot. Old school. But getting into the boot can prove frustrating.
Matt tries out the speed limiter on the Dacia Logan MCV but it proves to be less than successful...
Matt isn't always a fan of lots of unnecessary electronics in modern cars but the back to basics Logan MCV is proving a step back too far.
The Logan MCV comes with an impressive and good value infotainment system but the quality of the Bluetooth connection leaves a lot to be desired.
After 3000 miles in the Logan MCV, Matt is finding the din created in fifth gear at low speeds is unbearable.
Matt is having trouble seeing the speedo display in our Logan. And is getting all confused by daytime running lights...
Matt has already covered 2000 miles in the Logan and has also just about worked out how to pronounce Dacia properly...
The Dacia Logan is the cheapest estate on sale in the UK with a staring price of just £6995. Although we've pushed the boat out and gone for a plusher Laureate model.

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