Our Cars: Citroen DS3 Cabrio

It's time to say goodbye to our little Citroen DS3 Cabrio. And the stylish French open-top will be missed.
The weather isn't so cabriolet friendly now - but thankfully the DS3 is still performing admirably.
The DS3 is offered with all kinds of customisation options - what can you do to make it your own?
We have the range-topping 155PS engine in our DS3 Cabriolet, but which is the best choice?
After a long drive and an evening in Paris it's time to visit the factory where the DS3 was built.
With summer on the way it's time for a road trip so we take the DS3 Cabrio back to the place it was built - Poissy in France.
We look back at some of the DS3's predecessors. It turns out Citroen has been making drop-top cars for a long time.
We take the DS3 on its first long trip, covering 500 miles in a weekend. So how does the open-top Citroen cope on the motorway?
The DS3 Cabriolet is very similar to its hard top counterpart - but the boot opening is much, much smaller. What's it like to live with?
Getting the hand of the infotainment system in our DS3 Cabrio takes some time and it's starting to feel pretty dated.
The fabric roof on our DS3 cabriolet doesn't retract as fully as some - but does that really matter?
We welcome a new, open-topped arrival to the Our Cars fleet. The Citroen DS3 Cabrio offers style, fun and fresh-air motoring so it's ideal for the summer.

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