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Top 20 cars that get a spare wheel as standard

Despite almost half of all new cars on sale in 2014 coming with a tyre repair kit as standard, and over a quarter having a spacesaver spare, there are still a good number of cars with a proper, full-sized spare wheel on the standard equipment list. Here are 20 of them. 

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Hyundai Santa Fe

The Santa Fe is the only new passenger car that Hyundai offers that comes with a full-sized spare as standard, while elsewhere in the company’s range it’s the either a repair kit or a spacesaver. 

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   on 24 May 2017

It should be legal requirement for all vehicles to have at least a compact spare tyre, how did this get acceptable?! RAC increase of 3 fold call outs for punctures with no spare tyre in one year! This will cause an increase in fees for their members all for auto manufacturers to save a bean. Still they are happy to include novelty junk such as automatic windscreen wipers. Consumers are suckers

Les Whitehouse    on 1 August 2017

I had a puncture in my Toyota Prius recently. A 6 inch nail was protuding from inside the tyre where it meets the rim, so a repair was not possible. The AA said they could get to me after 6 hours (yes, 6!) with the ETA as 00:55 hours. The whole thing is disgraceful. Just because the extra weight spoils the emmission figures a little! My next car will have a spare wheel...

FergyTE20    on 2 September 2018

Exactly. I would sympathise if the spare wheel scam actually saved energy. Have the green gauleiters done a cradle-to-grave energy cost of their spare wheel scam? I would assume absolutely no chance. I would be happy to be proven wrong.

For example, the fuel used by the RAC/AA/GreenFlag/Garages/Tyres services when they are called out?

The energy cost to scrap perfectly good part worn tyres because tyres cannot be swapped around. i.e. With only 4 tyres, replacement of one damaged 50% worn tyre means buying two new tyres. ("Damaged" also includes a glued tyre that is "cannot be" or is "too expensive" to clean before it can be repaired.

The energy cost of the pram wheel tyre - full sized spare tyres are consumables so are not included in the spare energy cost because a full-size spare is swapped at the first opportunity with a worn tyre that will still pass an MOT.

The energy cost of replacing the tyre sealant every 4 years or so - or replacing them with kits that last more than 4 years?

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