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Top 10 tips for making your tyres last longer

Tyres are your first line of defence when it comes to driving safely, so investing a little time and care in looking after them pays big dividends. Simple, regular checks are easy for anyone to carry out, so here are our tips for keeping your tyres in perfect condition and making them last longer.

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Be prepared

There’s not a lot of point checking your car’s tyres if you don’t know what you’re looking at other they’re round and made of rubber. So, arm yourself with the owner’s manual so you know what pressure the tyres should be.

It also saves a lot of hassle if you have a tyre pump at home. You can buy foot-operated pumps or, better still, electric ones that plug into the car’s own power socket. So, you can check the tyres anytime, anywhere. And when you buy a pump, add in a can of tyre sealant as a get-you-home measure in case of a puncture.


NickNike    on 5 December 2016

You forgot to add. Go live in a country that has decent roads, and not the pot-holed, rough rubbish we're supposed to put up with.

lammascot    on 5 December 2016

Remember, if you do use tyre sealant the tyre will have to be scrapped.

K.Greenough    on 5 December 2016

If you have sensors in your tyres that give warning of low pressure then using tyre sealant will ruin the sensors and you will need to have them replaced.

gbhall    on 5 December 2016

Not all tyre deflation systems have any pressure-measuring device - some just compare the rotational speed of the four wheels, and identify lower inflation by purely electronic means. Some more complex systems can even detect under or over-inflation by the same amount in all four tyres, still purely electronically.

Edited by gbhall on 05/12/2016 at 13:55

dieseldote    on 5 December 2016

well said nic------they can always find the money to supply the cops with new cars and eqip.-------used motorists

David Lowe    on 5 December 2016

A recent report from Michelin offered a different view. In summary it concluded that there was no case for discarding a tyre before it reached the legal minimum of 1.6 mm.

Trev012    on 5 December 2016

Are all these 10 points not just common sense and anybody that didn't know about them shouldn't be driving !!!

Walpat    on 5 December 2016

When I bought my first car in 1968 for £20.00 petrol was around 30p a father instilled in me the importance of regular checks on the tyres for wall damage tread wear and nails etc in the canvas but mainly to check the pressures regularly which I still do every month. Old habits die hard but I am sure that the modern motorist ( apart from the enthusiast) very rarely checks the tyre pressures or even looks at them!!

vintage76    on 12 December 2016

And tyre pressures should for preference and accuracy, be checked when the tyres are cold

Grandpa 56    on 30 January 2017

How can you say this article helps make tyres last longer and then tell people to change them when the tread reaches 3mm?

It is a false to say the stopping distance is greater for tyres with less than 3mm but still legal (1.6mm)
Michelin have carried out tests and found that tyres with 1.6mm are just as effective as 3mm (and you would expect a tyre manufacturer to say the opposite wouldn't you?)

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