VIDEO: Lexus RC - form over function

Published 24 November 2017

Few would dispute that the Lexus RC is striking to look at. Sadly, if you want a similarly rambunctious driving experience you'll be very disappointed. Unless you think a Toyota Prius is rambunctious.

The running costs might sway you towards an RC though. Possibly. 

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Finguz    on 24 November 2017

I have to agree. We went to look at one and thought Oooh! We got in and thought hmmm! Then we drove it and thought nope!

That was that.

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Falkirk Bairn    on 25 November 2017

My D-i-L's car had an airbag recall & the loan car was the similarly engined NX300 as the RC - lovely nipping around town - quiet, very comfortable, nice to sit in.............on the motorway back to return the car was a BIG disappointment - a nearly £40K car with no guts to car memories go back to Rover & Triumph 2000s in the mid 60s - 120BHP or thereabouts & they seemed to have go......the 2500cc Lexus does not.

Whilst awaiting the DiLs car having the paperwork sorted the salesman tried to extol the virtues of the RC 300H in the showroom.........he said it was quicker because it was lighter & no 4wd....alas I failed to believe him & this is confirmed on the HJ Test.

AlbertISF    on 27 November 2017

Depends if you get the 5l V8 version or not.... That has better looks and an engine to match.

The hybrid is rather placid.

angelcyn    on 27 November 2017

Why has Marc got a Gerbil on his head in the intro and different man is driving the car ?

MarkNichol    on 28 November 2017

It's not a gerbil. I'm deeply offended by that. It's a guinea pig.

zundapp    on 27 November 2017

Personally, my choice would be powered by a nice beefy VAG V6 diesel . In my opinion, all Lexis are flashed up Toyotas with leather upholstered Duracell back packs.

gordonbennet    on 30 November 2017

about 10 years ago you could buy a GS450h saloon, that looked decent in a quietly reserved way at least to my eyes, a genuine sleeper too, if you floored it and got the electric motor and engine combined it could give some serious sporting cars a run for their money.

what went wrong in the intervening years,

and please for goodness sake Toyota will someone take a large mallet or crow bar to that frankly hideous grill, that thing (and worse on some models) is ruining your cars

compare the handsome original LS460 with the later model when a similar gopping grill was nailed on, if a plastic surgeon was sending out facelifts as dire he'd starve

HJFMember    on 4 December 2017

I do agree about the Ghastly Grills (reminiscent of the Cow Catachers on US locomotives !) I'm surprised Lexus' lawyers didn't give the basic design the 'thumbs down' on injury liability grounds....

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