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Tue, 19 Feb 2008
Before yob culture took over, British people used to be admired the world over for keeping "a stiff upper lip". But it seems that as drivers, we're a nation of tailgaters, lane hoggers and obsessives forcing our own blood pressure through the roof.

According to new information released by,
inconsiderate motorists are driving us to see red.

The leading online insurance broker has compiled a list of the top misdemeanours which send British Drivers blood pressure rising.

1. Drivers who don't use their indicators. (54%)
2. Drivers who hog the middle or fast lane on the motorway. (46%)
3. Drivers who don't say thank you. (44%)
4. Being tailgated by another motorist. (38%)
5. Being cut up at a junction by another driver. (37%)

And it seems our bad driving manners even extend to parking, with people who park in disabled/family parking spaces when they shouldn't and somebody parking in a space that you've been waiting for, also featured high on the list.

Mike Fisher from the British Association of Anger Management states: "What is the road rage scenario? In the heat of the moment, you lose your cool. Perhaps you are feeling upset and emotional. Anyway, you just react. You cut someone up in traffic or - worse - you engage in some form of verbal abuse or physical violence with another person. Ask yourself this: Do I have a problem keeping my cool when driving? And when I get angry in the drivers seat, do I feel that I am losing control? If the answer is yes then you may have a road rage issue. Next
time you are in your car, try these different ways to help you calm your beast:

* Make sure the inside of your car is a pleasant environment - clean, comfortable, nice-smelling, with soothing music and, if possible, good company.

* Drive at a leisurely rate.

* Leave earlier than you need to or normally would.

* Map out the directions well in advance.

* Do your best to be empathetic with and polite towards other drivers.

* Don't rise to the bait - refuse to react to aggressive or risky driving.

* Don't let the car change your identity - it's you not your car that has the power.

* Think in new ways that will help you to see the bigger picture (consider, for example that the other person may be lost and that's why he's driving strangely).

* Ignore other people's inconsiderate driving." *

* Continually watch what everyone else is doing both in front and behind and drive in a manner to accommodate them rather than impede them. (Added by Honest John).

Managing Director for, Paul Cosh adds: "Driving at times can be very stressful, but the practical advice provided is an excellent way for motorists to reduce their stress levels, and essentially put the enjoyment back into driving!"

* Extract taken from "Beating Anger: The Eight-point Plan for Coping with Rage" by Mike Fisher.

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