Over 12 million drivers may have skipped car servicing due to financial problems caused by Covid-19

Published 10 September 2020

Millions of motorists may be putting off essential car maintenance because of financial pressures caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

BookMyGarage.com surveyed 10,000 people and found that a third (32 per cent) of motorists had put off basic maintenance and servicing during the pandemic. 

In addition, a similar number (29 per cent) of drivers delayed servicing procedures simply because their car had covered far fewer miles during lockdown.

BookMyGarage.com says the survey results indicate that over 12 million cars have missed essential servicing and maintenance checks across the UK’s total of 38.2 million registered vehicles.

More than half (60 per cent) of those polled during the survey said they had been adversely impacted either financially or personally by the pandemic.

Garages are bracing themselves for a massive surge in work as Britain’s cars get going again as people return to work. 

Further research reveals that the amount of additional repair work required by cars booked in for an MoT in July nearly doubled from 25 to 48 per cent over the same period last year, prompting concern over the health of vehicles on the road.

More than half (56 per cent) of drivers who took part in the survey said they had used the Government’s MoT exemption, while 62 per cent said they were not comfortable doing any maintenance work on their vehicle.



   on 10 September 2020

Judging by the type of MOT failures on HJs website, could those 62% not be bothered to check the condition of their tyres?

Perhaps with all the electronic gizmos, the 62% are too lazy or can't be bothered until the autonomous "systems" tell them to do something.


Dorset123    on 11 September 2020

I have worked in the motortrade since leaving school a long time ago, I have been told a lot of times "that you don't need to check the oil level nowadays" once by a customer who's engine was rattling because it had no oil left in it ! The normal comment is the oil light didn't come on so I don't need to check it.
These m****s are quite happy to drive at 70mph without ever checking the levels or tyres.

Nicholas Tuson    on 12 September 2020

And there is the reverse possibility, which I am certain accounts for some of this increase - that the garages are gouging people to make up for lost trade. Why do I say that? I have been driving since 1977, I have worked in garages and I spent years fixing cars that had just been damaged by garages. Unnecessary work? How many people now to check the technical standards or how to make a complaint? Bear in mind that more and more people cannot change a plug, pump up their tyres, do a simple service, etc, so they just pay up.

And of course the other side of the coin is that these idiots ignore car safety in much the same way that they ignore COVID safety they have not died yet, so it is OK. It isn't, but that is what happens.

If only there existed - I don't know, let us say a chain of motor experts that specialised in the brand you have and were honest and competent. Sadly, with the government investing so little in enforcement and the CPS so unwilling to prosecute, we get what we vote for.

gentle giant    on 14 September 2020

My car was due for an annual service just as the virus lockdown started. I managed to get it MOTd which it passed with no comments. Last year due to caring for a terminally ill sister, the car only covered approx 3000 miles. To date only 580 extra miles have been added. Normally, I give the car a quick check once a week, tyres , fluids etc., and everything checks ok. The garage I use has been very busy since the lockdown eased, so it would have been serviced this month. However, I now need an operation on my hip in the next few weeks so will be unable to drive for a couple of months, that is if it goes ahead because the virus cases are rapidly increasing in this area so I expect another lockdown. The possibility is therefore that the service may be overdue by 9 months. If my low mileage is also being experienced by other motorists, then servicing will probably have been delayed.

Edited by gentle giant on 14/09/2020 at 18:31

w_mack    on 14 September 2020

My car is now 11 years old with 36000 miles on the clock. The main agents want £850 to service it although I have only done 1500 miles this year do to lockdown. The car is valued at about £5000 so I serviced it myself and it sailed through the MOT.

aethelwulf    on 14 September 2020

Just change the oil and filter at least every year whatever the miles covered. Air filter every two years and brake fluid every three has been fine for my car for 15 years. Still passes MOT without ANY advisories. Garages are rob- dogs to pay for the glass palaces they have to construct at the behest of the manufacturer. Go to one with just a shed but a qualified person in it.

Alan Massey    on 14 September 2020

Hi have a look at Scotty Killers blog on YouTube.
Will give you an appreciation of the state of the motor industry. A lot of crooks and con men. Need to sting the poor punters to pay for all their fancy showrooms.
It will be very interesting to see what they come up with EV"s as they need a lot less maint than IC card.
I have had a car since I was 17 y.o. now 70 and have seen so many cons and rip.offs from the garage trade.
Best advice is to find a good local independent garage and make friends with them. Has served me well.over the years. Either that or buy a pre 2012 car and maintain it yourself.

Martin Johnson    on 15 September 2020

I used to have a Ford Focus mk1 with factory fitted LPG which needed an ;LPG service, so having booked with a fairly local ford main dealer (i usually do all my own maintenance but no competence in LPG) who i was told had LPG competence. They took the car and produced a page long list of everything they thought needed doing to the car in the near future, OTHER than the LPG work...because ..''oh, we d'ont do LPG work...we suggest you go to an independent for that!'' This attitude of trying to worry people in to having work done based on their potential ignorance is not uncommon and why i do all my own maintenance where possible. My last two cars have done over 225,000 miles just keeping basic maintenance done.

NickNike    on 16 September 2020

Mine's serviced by the Hyundai main dealer. Always do a great job. I'm just about to renew my service package after a 5 year free package. Approx £1200 for 5 years servicing, including MOTs and the servicing is very thorough, with many items changed regularly. And this is for a large limo. I can pay monthly, about 25 quid over 48 months. Great service and value. I think people who have problems or huge costs bring it on themselves.

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