Asda, Morrisons, Tesco and Sainsbury's cut petrol prices

Published 07 November 2018

Supermarkets are cutting the prices of petrol by 2p-per-litre, as part of a round of cost cuts that could save the average car driver more than £1 on a tank of fuel.

Asda is the first to bring in the price cut, saying it means customers will never pay more than 122.7p-per-litre for petrol and 134.7p for diesel. Tesco has followed, while Morrisons will reduce its petrol prices from today (7 November). Sainsbury's customers will have to wait until 9 November for the price cuts to filter to forecourts.  

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The cuts are reflective of the wholesale cost of oil, which has been falling since the start of September. They follow similar reductions made in November. However, motoring organisations say that it's taken too long for the savings to be passed onto customers.

"This is sadly long overdue given the fact the wholesale price of unleaded has been low enough for a significant reduction at the pumps since mid-October," said RAC fuel spokesman, Simon Williams.

“When wholesale prices drop retailers should pass savings on to all motorists by cutting their pump prices sooner. This is vital to the UK average price as supermarkets are so influential in fuel retailing they need to drop their prices for others to follow around the country."

The latest average fuel prices for the UK show that motorists are currently paying 130.9p-per-litre for petrol and 136.9p per litre for diesel. This means it costs almost £72 to fill up a petrol family car - like a Ford Focus - compared to the £64.35 drivers would have paid in November 2017.  

Only the price of unleaded petrol is being reduced as part of the price cuts - supermarkets haven't announced plans to lower the cost of diesel, however the RAC says falling oil prices should see reductions in diesel prices too.

Williams said: "While diesel has risen substantially to an average of 136.79p, and unfortunately still appears to be going up, it should now begin to reduce as the wholesale price has started to fall."


TheGentlemanThug    on 7 November 2018

Not much consolation when my local Asda was selling petrol for £1.13 last year. With the price drop it would be £1.20 today.

Better than nothing I guess.

M Appleby    on 9 November 2018

Unfortunately, the above is not true. Asda in Spennymoor, County Durham is still charging £1.24.7 per litre for unleaded, the same as for the last two weeks.

Buddyduke    on 9 November 2018

When is diesel going to come down? At ASDA today petrol at 1.22.7 and diesel at 1.33.7, is the CON government trying to run diesel out?.

Cosmic674    on 12 November 2018

Rural communities dis advantaged again. So many rural dwellers and the farming community rely on Diesel to power there pick ups and 4x4 vehicles.
Why is the Govt and Fuel Industry putting the boot in yet again? We already suffer on energy pricing as without gas supplies we are unable to take advantage of Dual Fuel tarrifs!

aethelwulf    on 12 November 2018

My Tesco have been charging £121.9 since last week. Why are others so slow? That is in Leicester a long way from a refinery too.

Brian Price    on 12 November 2018

not in Great Yarmouth as Tesco have increased the price of diesel by 1p per litre.

Joan Margerison    on 12 November 2018

When is Super Unleaded being made available at more supermarkets.
Sainsbury and Tesco have been suppliers of such fuels, marketed as Super Unleaded or Tesco Momentum. Come on Honest John, you have advocated using better quality fuels for some time. I'm sorry to say Shell is falling by the wayside in fuel prices.
Darwen John

Carl Muler    on 12 November 2018

As usual, supermarkets are quick to pass on rises in global oil prices but rather more tardy when it comes to passing on reductions. Does anyone remember the price of a litre of unleaded falling to not much more than a pound about three years ago? The falling the value of the pound against the dollar has made a big difference as oil is traded in US dollars. Yet another brexit effect.

Edited by Carl Muler on 12/11/2018 at 23:29

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