More than 43,000 Peugeot and Citroen models recalled for brake issue

Published 11 February 2021

Peugeot, Citroen and DS are recalling more than 43,000 cars due to a brake safety issue.

The recall notice affects selected Peugeot, Citroen and DS models. The safety bulletin says the brake vacuum pump may be affected by material detaching from the timing belt, with the fix including a potential replacement of the vacuum pump and timing belt.

The safety recall affects a number of popular models, including the C3, C4, C4 Cactus, C4 Picasso, DS3, DS4, 208, 308, 2008, 3008, 5008 and Partner van.

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South Korean carmaker Hyundai has also recalled the Kona Electric and hybrid model to update the software to remedy a braking system issue. Over 12,800 of the popular electric crossover are being recalled to update the software for the “Integrated Electronic Brake” (IEB). The notice says that reduced braking power could extend the vehicle’s stopping distance and increase the risk of a crash.

Since mid-December, Vauxhall has begun recalling over 12,200 Corsas for a "possible unexpected side airbag deployment due to insufficient electrical grounding."

Check out all the latest DVSA recalls below:

Model(s) Problem Build date End date
Hyundai Kona EV, Kona Hybrid If an abnormality is registered within the IEB system that might illuminate the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) on the vehicle cluster braking performance may be reduced. 24/01/2018 10/11/2020
Citroen C3, C4, C4 Cactus, C4 Picasso, DS3, DS4, Berlingo The brake vacuum pump may be affected by material detaching from the timing belt. 20/03/2013 01/04/2017
Peugeot 208, 308, 2008, 3008, 5008, Partner The brake vacuum pump may be affected by material detaching from the timing belt. 17/06/2013 01/04/2017
Kia Soul EV The vehicle’s Integrated Electronic Brake (IEB) motor control software logic can automatically disable motor operation upon detection of an abnormal sensor signal. 20/04/2018  25/11/2020
Volvo V60, V60CC, V90, V90CC, XC60, XC90 (model year 2021). Vehicles may have the Supplementary Restraint System (SRS) control unit incorrectly tightened to the car body.   10/09/2020 22/09/2020
Vauxhall Corsa Possible unexpected side airbag deployment due to insufficient electrical grounding. 30/06/2020 31/10/2020
BMW MINI Countryman A possibility of impurities contained in the HV batteries may cause short circuit. 09/03/2020  18/09/2020 
BMW X1, X2, X3, X5, 2 Series, 3 Series, 5 Series, 7 Series, i8 A possibility of impurities contained in the HV batteries may cause short circuit.  12/02/2020  30/09/2020 
Toyota Corolla, CH-R A possibility that a bolt of the brake pedal bracket may not have been torqued correctly. 15/06/2019  20/05/2020 
Peugeot 2008 On affected vehicles there may be a defect in the operation of the urea injector which may become blocked leading to NOx emissions exceeding regulatory limits. 08/10/2019 27/09/2020
Mercedes-Benz C-CLASS, GLC, EQC The wiring harness of the steering control unit might not have been manufactured according to specification. 12/12/2019  18/03/2020 
Mercedes-Benz GLE/GLS, C-CLASS, E-CLASS, GLC with hybrid drive The shield for the high-voltage wiring harness may not permanently withstand the electrical loads that are induced under certain driving profiles 15/01/2018 29/02/2020
Mercedes-Benz GLE The middle seatbelt buckle could be pushed under the seat cushion in certain circumstances while buckling up 18/10/2018 24/07/2020
Subaru Impreza, XV Vehicles are equipped with brake hose fittings with insufficient sealing. 28/07/2016 21/01/2018
Subaru Impreza, XV, Forester Possible engine stall and restart failure. 20/09/2016 01/10/2019
Peugeot 2008, 308, 5008, 508 The filtering performance of the Diesel Particle Filter (DPF) may not meet the required specification. 01/04/2019 15/07/2019
Mercedes-Benz E-Class Certain specific calibrations of functions must be changed in the engine management of the vehicles 26/05/2009  02/05/2011 
Land Rover Range Rover Evoque, Discovery Sport  An electrical overload event in the 48Volt (V) electrical system may cause a failure of the Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor.  25/05/2018 02/10/2020 
Dacia Sandero, Logan MCV, Duster There is a possible risk of the ignition switch not disengaging correctly after starting the vehicle resulting in the key jamming in the start position. In rare circumstances this may cause a thermal incident. 01/09/2017 19/10/2018 
Nissan NV200, Leaf The welded joint on the park lock actuator plate may be of poor quality and has the potential to fail during usage.  18/07/2019  09/09/2019 


Peter Jannece    on 12 February 2021

Hi Honest John
It appears the the recall for Citroen C3 only applies to 1.2 petrol engines. So my dealer tells me.

Do you have any other information about this?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Lee Power    on 12 February 2021

Its only the turbocharged 1.2 Puretech engines that are being recalled - as failure of the timing belt on these can damage the vacuum pump which could mean loss of brake servo assistance.

The non turbo 1.2 doesn't have the vacuum pump so isn't being recalled.

bramble    on 19 February 2021

Peugeot 308 sw recall jzr. Dealer told me timing belt was ok so no need to check the brake vacuum pump. Was this correct or should the brake vacuum pump have been checked irrespective.

Lee Power    on 19 February 2021

If the belt is not deteriorated then there's no need to inspect the vacuum pump.

You will get a warning on the screen / instrument cluster if there's a problem occurring with the vacuum pump.

Part of the JZR recall is a software update & a new sensor to monitor the brake vacuum pump.

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