BMW EGR recall: 158,000 owners still waiting for repairs

Published 27 March 2019

BMW has fixed less than half of the 253,988 cars affected by the EGR cooler recall in the UK.

The German carmaker issued a global recall for 1.6 million diesel cars in late-2018, after it discovered a potential leak in the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve cooler. 

The issue affects more than a quarter of a million diesel BMWs in the UK, but a parts shortage has caused long delays with some owners waiting up to eight weeks for the vital repairs.

BMW has told it is aware of the problem and 38 per cent of affected models have been fixed. 

"The extreme lack of communication is atrocious,” said one reader. “At no point was I aware that (if the fix was necessary) my car would be in essence impounded. I wasn’t even given the opportunity to take essential safety seats for my young children out of the car. I have rang and emailed my local BMW dealership and had no response.”

The EGR cooler recall affects almost every diesel model in the BMW range that was built from March 2011 to August 2016. Recalled cars will have the EGR cooler inspected and replaced free of charge if leaks and excessive build-up of deposits are found. Some additional models from 2017 may also be affected. 

“We are working to complete this as quickly as possible, but due to the size of the recall we face significant challenges in terms of parts supply and workshop capacity,” said a BMW spokesperson.

“Where customers have experienced longer delays we have sought to minimise any inconvenience as best we can, including the provision of several thousand courtesy cars to keep customers mobile.

“We acknowledge the inconvenience to customers of potentially driving a vehicle of lesser value but safety must be our primary focus alongside keeping our customers mobile.”

BMW says it has a dedicated recall team both within its customer contact centre and also with its emergency roadside service. Both teams are able to help with any customers that have received a recall letter or are experiencing EGR problems. They’ll also be able to confirm if a vehicle is subject to the recall or not.

Owners who are concerned about the safety of their vehicle are urged to contact their local BMW approved dealer.


   on 28 March 2019

Honestly individual and fleet customers need to vote with their feet and walk away from BMW as a brand. This is appalling. Some people have been waiting nearly 4 months for a recall repair. Audi and Mercedes can take the business in future.

Engineer Andy    on 28 March 2019

Honestly individual and fleet customers need to vote with their feet and walk away from BMW as a brand. This is appalling. Some people have been waiting nearly 4 months for a recall repair. Audi and Mercedes can take the business in future.

IMHO, I hardly think the likes of VAG and Mercedes are any better in that respect: their cars have probably more reliability issues (especially VAGs) - Dieselgate related, the 1.5TSi kangerooing, the chain cam issues, autonomous braking problems, Merc cars crabbing that can't be fixed, etc, etc.

coopshere    on 29 March 2019

As long as people wrongly see these manufacturers products as being prestige reliable ones things won’t change. With fleet buyers getting good discounts and good resale values this myth will perpetuate.

JAJ99    on 4 April 2019

Car has this problem (X3 3.0L D) and we called BMW Liverpool on the day we received the recall letter. Told they were inundated but they would call us back. They never did. Finally on chasing we have been told today that there are no parts in the country but we could have a slot on 5-Aug. Which is terrible.

We have noticed a diesel smell from the car and we raised that with them. They told us that if it happened again, they would take the car in and provide a hire car - not the same make and model - and we’d have to use that UNTIL AUGUST !

Absolutely terrible service. Would be good to understand what action could be taken as a group against BMW to solve this sooner.

BMW430    on 1 May 2019

I have taken action via the Motor Ombudsman service. Awaiting full response. I agree a group action against them for loss of use would be beneficial to many people.

   on 12 April 2019

My car has this recall. When I called my local bmw garage I was told the part was on back order and they would add me to the list. Two weeks later I got a call to say the part was in, took my car in only to be told that my car needed the part but they didn’t have the part and I wouldn’t be getting my car back! I know point was I advised that they didn’t have the part or that I wouldn’t get my car back. Two weeks later I am still driving around in a courtsey car with a weekly text from the garage to say “awaiting part, have a nice weekend!” Thanks I’ll just keep doing my 70 mile a day journey in your car :-) my car also has its MOT due at the end of April which without it will invalidate my insurance they have said they will do it for £54 but I usually pay £25 at my local garage.

   on 13 April 2019

My 220d has been in the Huddersfield Sandal branch for just over two weeks. Booked it in for a service and the recall to which no parts for the recall. They have provided me with a courtesy car which is equally as nice as my own but the communication is lacking.

I'm more than happy to keep using a courtesy car given the potential severity of the problem and I know this is a bigger problem than BMW thought it would be but the communication from the branches is the main issue here! a call, text or email wouldn't go amiss just to say we're still waiting etc.

I'm in the same boat as the last post where my car is due for an MOT at the end of the month and I'll be making sure BMW put it though at their cost.

Ian Corlett    on 20 April 2019

I thought I'd share my experience which has been a lot more positive than most I've read on here. I got the recall letter some weeks ago for my 2013 530d Touring and had put it to one side. My wife noticed a burning smell when driving the car a week ago. Within a day the drivetrain warning message appeared and also the engine management light came on. I called BMW vehicle recall number and they had someone come round the following day to check on it. He lifted the engine cover and in his words saw "a b***** great hole in the manifold system and virtually empty coolant reservoir". Told that it was unsafe to drive and that if it had been driven again it would have probably gone up in flames! Car towed to Specialist Cars in Stevenage within the hour and provided with a Kia Sportage loan vehicle from Enterprise. I anticipated a wait of many weeks for the car to be fixed but got a call within 5 days to say that it had been fixed. I picked it up this morning. EGR cooler and inlet manifold both replaced. Really impressed at how responsive BMW have been on this.

Edited by Ian Corlett on 20/04/2019 at 13:31

   on 21 April 2019

Well I booked my in on the 1st of Feb only to be told there were no parts available and I would receive a call when they were. Since then BMW have made NO attempt to contact me. I have contacted them twice since only to be told that the parts are still not available with no time given for when they will be. I still have the car and have not been requested to have it 'impounded'. If it catches fire then I will hold BMW wholly responsible.

Pete Murphy    on 30 April 2019

I have a 2012 320D. The drive chain warning light kept appearing. I received the recall notice, warning me of the danger of fire etc. On some of these cars. I rang my local BMW dealer (West London), SIX times leaving numerous messages with the switchboard and other departments for someone in their service department to call me. No one ever called back. I finally spoke to someone who said there were no parts in the country and that the earliest appointment was in 3 months time. I said I was due to drive across Europe in my car before then. They couldn’t help me. After a few more phone calls I got through to a BMW emergency number. They managed to get a mobile mechanic to my home that afternoon and after an hour & half of diagnostics checks confirmed my car was ok and did not have to be recalled. He replaced a valve I believe was for water, reset the computer. Since then I’ve had no problems.
My local dealer in West London have changed my whole conception of BMW. Whom I thought could be trusted. Sadly my next car will not be a BMW for sure!

BMW430    on 30 April 2019

My 430D was off the road for 7 weeks
BMW UK 'kindly' loaned me (via Enterprise) a manky Ford Focus by way of a replacement.
I repeatedly asked for a like for like standard vehicle but was refused.
My case now with Motoring Ombudsman.

Ovidiu Popa    on 1 May 2019

North oxford bmw worst garage ever! AVOID

Knight5y    on 8 May 2019

I received the recall letter on 6th March. Immediately rang BMW and they couldn't fit me in until 25th April. On 25th April at 3pm I handed my keys over and told it would take 2 hours. After an hour waiting in a local Costa I got the call to say my car would be taken off the road.

It wasn't until 1pm the following day I finally got picked up by Enterprise to be offered a car. A Hyjndai Tucson. Doesn't sound similar to a BMW 4 series Coupe to me? I rang multiple people to complain about this. Told by BMW Emergency Assist that the part will take 2 months. I wasn't told this in the letter or by the Dealer (Dock Lovett, Swindon).

With regards to the Enterprise be fair it isn't their fault. BMW have told them that they can only over certain cars to certain BMW owners. If your car is under 3 years old, you get a BMW. If your car is over 3 years old, you get a s#*t heap basic model rental....."Astra sized". I'm sure we don't pay £17,000 for what we perceive to be a luxury car, to lose it for 2 months, to be offered sub standard rentals. NOT GOOD BMW!!!!

If only we all bought on finance and had under 3 year old cars hey. We might get treated like the customers they want!!!

   on 9 May 2019

My 325d 2014 has this problem and it will be 5 or 6 weeks before the part turns up. We will see !

Just a quick note for those with an enterprise hire car through BMW. Check the insurance, enterprise are not providing the 3rd party section of your insurance. BMW and enterprise want your car insurance to cover it, but if you check with your own insurance company , most will not cover you. This means your hire car is not fully insured for you to drive it.

I have had a massive argument with BMW and enterprise and have now finally been offered a courtesy car from BMW.

praba    on 11 May 2019

520D BMW was called for recall arranged book for test in February got date 29th April, Took the car to near Kingston unfortunately car failed the test and EGR sensor was out of stock, left so many messages no replay after 5 days personally visit the dealer . informed car was transferred to another site it may take 6 weeks plus
worte to BMW they mention part is back on but it will not take long time.
There is no assurance that we get our car same
For BMW dealer my car is one in million but I am stressed and emotionally upset
Offered a courtesy car but this not going solve

stephen knowles    on 13 May 2019

The recall for my 520D tourer arrived in March, but Broadoak (Barretts) BMW in Canterbury could not fit the inspection until 29th April. The inspection revealed a leak which they informed me of very quickly. BMW called back in 10 minutes explaining the steps they were taking to keep me on the raod with a rental car. Enterprise called minutyes later, collected me from the dealer very quickly & sorted everything out. So I'm driving a brand new Vauxhall Insignia which will do, although I miss my car as it's an auto. Barretts in Canterbury have been good & rang yesterday to ask if they could move the car to their group body shop compound as they were short of room at the branch. They've no real definite news of parts, but I get the sense from them that it'll be the end of May (5 weeks) before they've parts. Currently, I'm making the best of it.Serious problem for any manufacturer. A friend who works for Ford engines, said one recall cost Ford $400million, small change?

A k noor    on 15 May 2019

I sent mine in March for the recall to Barons in Ruislip, they carried out other works on my car as well.
Two weeks later my car was making noise so called BMW who made sure they checked my car over however apparently found no issues.

Last week I insisted my car isn’t as it suppose to be and they took it back in for another check leaving me without a replacement car this time. Got a call to say there is a leak on the replacement part they put in. Called BMW head office to ask if I can get another branch to check my car over as I spent getting over 4K worth of work on top of the EGR replacement. Hopefully BMW doesn’t disappoint as much as this branch has. Make sure you inspect your car and don’t let them fob you off.

Let’s see if BMW UK really values customers safety or refuses to support customers when workmanship is below standards.

Euros Davies    on 17 May 2019

My 420 M sport Coupe has been in for 2 weeks. Hire car from Enterprise - Vauxhall Astra. Told after a week that Enterprise had sold the Astra and wanted it back so they could swap! E-mailed Halliwell Jones BMW at Llandudno with my concerns with 3rd parry insurance with Enterprise and lack of like for like car - have been ignored! Had booked car in 2 weeks before to ensure part was in - Halliwell Jones had NO record of this booming. Shocking service and lack of communocation. Will be following suit and contacting ombudsman!

   on 18 May 2019

Similar story to those above only we are due to go on 3 week driving holiday in France in 2 weeks!
Told Enterprise hire car not is insured for going abroad . Called MBW 'Customer Service' to be told if I can't make my own alternative arrangements I would have to cancel the holiday!! Finding it difficult to find legal advice.

Jamie Clynes    on 18 May 2019

Here is my story on this: recieved letter in march rang up arranged for it to be booked in and was told 6th of May 2019 for "repair" then contacted me towards late april to say they had made an error and actually are not open on bank holiday (6th). So was advised i couldnt get booked in until end of may as was next available appintment which allowed for use of a car, i said what about if i just brought it down and left it with them for couple of hours, they said they could do it on 1st of may and if the part was needed i could rebook in my car once part had arrived. Arrived and left my car with them, got phone call to advise part was required and that i couldnt drive the vehicle. Honestly this was the first time i was told i couldnt continue to drive the car. My response was immediate anger of course, i use the car for work purposes so needed a car. To then have to sit in the show room for 3 hours whilst they arranged a hire car from enterprise. Absolute joke. I still have the rental and have had no contact from the dealership since i left the car on 1st of may. No updates, no expectations or ETAs just complete silence. Crappy customer service to say the least.

Emer O'Connor    on 23 May 2019

My beautiful 220d is in BMW Peterborough for over 3 weeks now. Latest communication which I instigated was it will be about 6 weeks.
I have a mini from enterprise as mine is under warranty so apparently you get a better car...
The whole open ended aspect of it is beginning to irk me. If I wanted to drive a mini I would have bought one.
Now worried about the 3rd party bit. I must ring my insurance company.
The whole thing is a joke and BMW have shown blatant disregard for their customers.
Motor ombudsman might well be hearing from me.

   on 2 June 2019

People have no patience these days - Our BMW told us out straight that our car would be impounded and having asked them how long for they told us 6 - 8 weeks. While this is a bit of a pain surely to God you don’t want to be driving down the motorway and finding your car and possibly yourself and bother drivers getting injured over the risks posed by this issue. To be honest I’m quite happy to be getting this issue resolved even with the long wait. Of course you’re not gong to get the car you want from Enterprise but considering the volume of recalls how could you expect to as I’m sure Enterprise is well over stretched with this recap too. Have a heart folks and be patient the outcome of this failure could be a lot worse than the 6 - 8 weeks you have to do without your car!

praba    on 3 June 2019

Last Friday call from Coppers Kingston the EGR valve will be back in stock this week
Not sure when will get my 520d !!!

   on 21 June 2019

Took my 530d in to Listers BMW Kings Lynn on Thursday for the recall check and was given a 440 for the day. I was subsequently informed by staff that the car would need the recall work and given a loan car (19 plate BMW 320d tourer) for 'as long as it takes' as the part is on back order but expected to be completed within two weeks'. The staff were very good, the loan cars fine, so no complaints there, just have to wait and see..

   on 30 July 2019

My BMW 640 was recalled for the EGR, went in on Monday and I got a v nice brand new hire car, after reading all the comments about this recall, thought I’d be using this hire car for months, but BMW called me literally a week after my car had gone in to say the new part had been fitted and it was ready for collection! I dropped hire car back at BMW and my BMW was waiting, all cleaned. Couldn’t have asked for more. Was expecting huge problems but service was amazing!!!! Please don’t worry if your car is going in, you could have an awesome experience like I did.

SKDS61    on 3 August 2019

330D GT - Great car ........but

Got recall letter in March, contacted main dealer and booked earliest slot with suitable courtesy car in May....

They did mention that if replacement was required , it could be 4-6 weeks as they do not have stock of parts ???

Checked the day before that all was Ok,,,Good

Turned up at 08:00, seen straight away........Good

No Courtesy car available......Bad

We have an Enterprise rental car instead....Good

Vauxhall Corsa with malfunctioning A/C............Very bad

Called garage at 16:00 (They hadn't called me as promised) .....Bad

"Sorry, we've been busy today and havent been able to fit you in today" ... Very Bad.

"do I mind if I keep the Corsa for a few days until we can fit you in" (+£10 a day Insurance)............Very bad and how about NO!

Re booked for end of July, when a courtesy car will definitely be available or if not a suitable rental...Good

Called the day before to check that all is OK, confirmed..........Good

Guess what, evening before, a call from Garage, "sorry, no courtesy car or rental available"???..........Really bad

I took car, as arranged to have a F2F with Customer service Manager....Good

Very apologetic and has promised the use of after sales managers X3 when I bring it in for the 3rd time on Monday......OK

I predict what might happen on Monday.........I will get the car.......If they find that a replacement is required, I will have to return the X3, as it is then handed over to BMW UK, who will then offer an un suitable rental..........

Garage will be named and shamed if this doesn't work out on here and other forums,,,,

more to follow

SKDS61    on 5 August 2019

OK, went in this morning and was provided with X3 330D X Drive........Good

EGR does need replacement ......OK

"Not sure if we have a spare part on site"......What ??

I keep the courtesy car....... Good, I guess

   on 16 September 2019

The recall does not go wide enough. I have a 5 series registered Aug 2016. The model is not part of the recall but I have had an EGR burn out. The parts were all covered by warranty however I had to pay the excess as the ERG part was not covered by the recall.

   on 2 June 2020

I own a bmw f06 640d grand coupe. 65plate
Which have only cover 51k. On 12th 2020 may my car went to BMW Bowkers for a egr recall, I’ve never had any problems with my car and while driving down the motorway only did 14miles after getting it back from dealers I lost power, I took it back to the dealers and they claim my turbo has gone. Is that a coincidence need some advice? Now Bowker are telling me it’s gonna cost nearly £4000 to fix my car.

Jonathan Lacey    on 20 February 2021

What was the outcome? Did you have to pay in the end?

   on 6 July 2020

I own a 14 plate f31 325d , went in for the egr recall on Friday , they replaced the egr and the cooler did a pressure test and said the manifold has failed so they are ordering one , manifold took off this morning 6/7/20 , got a phone call at 11 saying they have ordered an engine for my car as the swirl flaps had gone into the engine and caused a lot of damage my car ran fine before it went in no noises or anything , has anyone else had this happened to them ? I think the tech has done something wrong and the dealer is fronting the costs , I am very happy that it is getting a new engine fitted for free but should I push for them to explain fully what has happened as it seems strange that it flew apart whilst in the dealers

Chiparus    on 13 September 2020

Lucky you , same thing has happened to me , They want to charge me €12k in Ireland

Jonathan Lacey    on 20 February 2021

Just happened to me this week. I’ve just posted about it

Michael Dakin    on 18 December 2020

I have a 2017 BMW 218D M Sports Active Tourer. During July the car stared stalling when coming to a stop. BMW examined and told me that I was not doing the required miles to top the battery up which was the problem. Some time later I was advised that a 'recall' was issued for the car. After making an appointment I was apologised to and said that it was a mistake. Now 2 months later the car started stalling again but much worse. BMW said that it needed a ERG valve replacement. With a service also included the cost was £835.00 . I complained that the car was just out of warrantee and would they reconsider but to no avail. I now read that there has been a massive recall to replace the ERG valves on a lot of models but sadly not mine. Has any other reader experienced the same with this model and could BMW be wrong for not including this model? Thanks Mike

   on 12 January 2021

Just received a call from my Nottingham BMW dealer requesting I bring my October 2017 318D Touring (F31) to the dealership for the ERG recall work.

No letter from BMW and no mention by the dealer of the potential risks I read above. I'm hoping it's a simple hassle-free fix. The car presents no issues as yet.

   on 15 January 2021

My BMW 3 series 32D M Sport has had a EGR issue resulting in the drivetrain warning, on checking it is due a recall for the EGR cooler. It's booked in for Monday so will they replace both on the EGR cooler and valve?

Surely the EGR valve failing is connected to the EGR cooler recall?

Anyone had the same, any help appreciated?

Jonathan Lacey    on 20 February 2021

I was due to return my 67 plate 430d Xdrive Gran coupe to BMW next week. However, whilst driving my car this week, at 40mph the car lost power and stalled. There was a distinct diesel smell and the car would not restart. The car was collected via BMW assist and taken to my local BMW dealer (Partridge). I paid £175 for a diagnostic, saying to the dealer it must be the EGR, however they said it was a failed fuel pump. They have said that the car requires a complete new fuel system at an estimated costs of £11,750. The car has only covered 36990 miles and is only 3 months outside it’s 3 year warranty. I have now complained to BMW UK and await a response, whilst in the meantime we do not have a car, not even been offered a courtesy car and still have to pay £550 a month to BMW finance.

Edited by Jonathan Lacey on 20/02/2021 at 21:51

   on 10 March 2021

Just received a letter from BMW Group today (10/3/21). I had no idea about the issue and now now find I have been driving around for a while in a potential dangerous vehicle!
What if a serious accident had occurred ? Who would have been liable ?
Would BMW have lost the case if I had sued?

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