Recall for fire risk BMWs delayed due to parts shortage

Published 15 January 2019

BMW owners affected by the EGR fire risk recall face a lengthy wait for repairs due to a shortage of spare parts in the UK.

The German carmaker is in the process of contacting more than 250,000 owners to arrange mechanical inspections, due to a faulty EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) cooler that may leak and cause a potential fire. 

The issue covers a wide range of BMW models, including the 1 Series, 2 Series, 3 Series, 4 Series, 5 Series, 6 Series and 7 Series models. The firm's SUV range is also implicated, with the X1, X3, X4, X5 and X6 being recalled.

Affected cars will have the EGR cooler inspected and replaced free of charge if leaks and excessive build-up of deposits are found. 

The potentially faulty EGR cooler affects cars built from March 2011 to August 2016 and owners are facing a long wait for the recall work, with some reporting a five-week waiting list for repairs due to a shortage of replacement parts. 

A spokesperson for BMW confirmed to that there’s "been a challenge" in the parts supply due to the large number of vehicles involved. BMW says it has "expedited parts supply and increased workshop capacity" in an attempt to minimise inconvenience.

Owners who are concerned about the safety of their vehicle are urged to contact their nearest BMW approved dealer.  


Engineer Andy    on 15 January 2019

That doesn't look good. The Germans aren't having a good time at the moment - WLTP testing delays, VAG 1.5TSI problems, all leading to significant drops in sales whilst issues are resolved, and that's not even including the after effects of Dieselgate.

Andrew Denley    on 15 January 2019

Is this Diesel only?

Engineer Andy    on 15 January 2019

Not sure - check with BMW.

640    on 18 January 2019

Took my 640d in for a Winter check on New Year's eve and the BMW dealer declared it a fire risk and effectively confiscated it. They took hours to get hold of BMW to sort a courtesy car. Special recall team in BMW eventually offered an Astra via Enterprise rental; needless to say I'm having to pay extra to get something half resembling my car. BMW won't provide BMW courtesy cars as they are reserved for breakdowns. As of yesterday (17th Jan) BMW have no idea when the parts will become available; clearly unprepared. It's a complete shambles and I'm amazed more BMW drivers are not kicking up a stink. Faith in BMW brand gone!

   on 21 January 2019

Just caught this.
2016 Z4s (petrol) included in the recall?

   on 21 January 2019

Is there a place where we can check the VIN numbers affected?
Or do we have to contact BMW?

tiggerii    on 21 January 2019

Just spoke to my BMW dealer having seen this and my 2014 X3 is subject to the recall but they have no parts and aren't taking bookings to inspect cars until they receive the parts at the end of this month. Am not impressed!

T1tone    on 21 January 2019

Not sure what's going on here!
I have owned my X3 since it was registered in mid-September 2011, so according to the info above should be liable for a recall safety check - HOWEVER - my supplying BMW main dealer in Bristol says it is not and that has just been confirmed after they put me through to BMW UK who reaffirmed that.
Any thoughts or ideas anyone?

NickNike    on 21 January 2019

A recent JD Power survey rated BMW bottom for reliability, and I regularly see them on recall lists. Yet they cost an arm and a leg. For that sort of money I would expect perfect reliability.

Dr D Moxham    on 21 January 2019

My BMW 62 reg 330d touring was inspected after a three week wait during which I covered 2000km in France. I was advised that the EGR was leaking and also exhaust fumes were leaking making the car unsafe to drive and the car was effectively confiscated. Within 12 hours BMW uk had organised a hire car, a Hyundai i30 but checking the insurance provided by the hire company even had I purchased the collision damage waiver at £10 per day, I would still not have been covered in the event of theft or an accident causing the car to be written off. I had to spend £65 to have the hire car included on my own policy for 30 days. BMW uk would not accept responsibility for the extra insurance. On the one hand I am grateful that the repairs will be foc especially on a 70000 mile car but since this is a manufacturing fault should I be placed at a financial disadvantage?
Also I have no idea how long is the wait for spares.

SHADOMAN    on 22 January 2019

I had the recall notice in mid December and the car was taken for a service and inspection yesterday, 05 plate 330D M Sport Xdrive Touring. I have had all the issues outlined on the safety recall letter; low engine coolant warning lights, loss of power and yes the fumes in the car ..... so no surprise that the car failed the testing. Big surprise was being the car had been "impounded" and told parts are on back order and no idea when the car will be fixed. So BMW have done their corporate best and are organizing a hire car, but nothing like what I have now or even a estate! The 330D has been pretty much faultless for 68K miles and the 330D Xdrive is fab to live with, but surely BMW must have seen this coming and have put the onus on Enterprise to get effected drivers back in a car ASAP, but with little stock in the network to deal with such a big problem. I understand Enterprise are contracted by BMW to get owners a set of wheels withing a certain period or they get fined for breach of contract, so I will have a Class D car for who knows how long instead of my super safe 330D Xdrive difficult winter weather coming.

SHADOMAN    on 22 January 2019

I had the recall notice in mid December and the car was taken for a service and inspection yesterday, 63 plate 330D M Sport Xdrive Touring. I have had all the issues outlined on the safety recall letter; low engine coolant warning lights, loss of power and yes the fumes in the car ..... so no surprise that the car failed the testing. Big surprise was being the car had been "impounded" and told parts are on back order and no idea when the car will be fixed. So BMW have done their corporate best and are organizing a hire car, but nothing like what I have now or even a estate! The 330D has been pretty much faultless for 68K miles and the 330D Xdrive is fab to live with, but surely BMW must have seen this coming and have put the onus on Enterprise to get effected drivers back in a car ASAP, but with little stock in the network to deal with such a big problem. I understand Enterprise are contracted by BMW to get owners a set of wheels within a certain period or they get fined for breach of contract, so I will have a Class D car for who knows how long instead of my super safe 330D Xdrive difficult winter weather coming.

Petegeoff    on 22 January 2019

Buy Japanese!

Olly M    on 5 February 2019

My f30 335d has now been with bmw 2 weeks with no timeframe for a fix. I have been put in a Vauxhall mokka, which to put it bluntly is appalling. I have read of people waiting for months to get their car back which is not acceptable from a company like Bmw. I understand a lot of cars are affected but you would think Bmw would have had more stock, having known about the problem since early last year, it’s beyond a joke

Christophe Corne    on 7 February 2019

Same problem here, 2013 520d has now been in for 4 weeks, with no updates. I have also received a Mokka which barely fits my family. I've reported this to the Motor Ombudsman today. What else can I do?

Seona Kemp    on 8 February 2019

My one went into john clark aberdeen 2 weeks ago, I called them yesterday for an update and was told possibly another 3 weeks as they don't have a date for the part yet, their compound is chock block, after 2 days using taxis I got a hire car delivered but up to 5 weeks isn't good!

Andy Loughlin    on 10 February 2019

My 335d went in on 4th Feb and it was effectively confiscated.
After messing about for a couple of house with Enterprise, I was given a 320d Estate on an 18 plate. Not a shabby car but I didn't invest in £800 worth of winter tyres and an X-drive car to to be given something useless in the snow.
Frequently driving across the peak District for work, I need to have re-assurance for grip.
BWM are just not communicating back. I'm just told they have no spare parts in the UK and they will update me when they know more. As for giving me an x-drive car, I don't know if they will but i'm not having it affect my job.
Where does the consumer stand legally on cases like this?

   on 11 February 2019

Hi I took my 2014 535D luxury (34000 miles) into our local dealer for a break fluid change on Saturday, this was undertaken together with checking the car in respect of the EGR safety recall problem. Unfortunately, the car failed and I was told the car was not safe to drive.

The dealer (Ryebrook) have been superb. As it was a Saturday they were unable to contact BMW to sort out the problem and kindly sorted out a courtesy car from their fleet. However, they advised that there was a shortage of parts and it could be weeks before the car could be repaired. They then went on to say that BMW would arrange for a replacement car to be provided by Enterprise who would contact me on Monday to arrange collection and return their courtesy car.

Now whilst I accept that things like this happen and cannot be totally planned for, the support provided and what I believe can be expected from a ‘quality’ company like BMW appears to be flawed and lacking in customer satisfaction. I am told that it is highly likely that the car I will be provided with will not be a BMW or of an equivalent quality or standard. New the BMW cost £60k+ and whilst close to 5 years old is still an expensive car (as new condition and low mileage). Unfortunately, I own the car so have no leverage with BMW in respect of the type or quality of the courtesy car provided, however, this will certainly influence me on what I will buy in the future. My wife also has a BMW and we have had similar problems in respect of a safety recall! If I had the car on lease or finance, I would refuse to pay as the car (or one of equivalent quality) is not available to use and why should an individual pay to have their car in a garage whilst driving a substandard equivalent.

Finally, it would appear there may be an issue with insurance but am unable to comment at this time.

BMWs reputation is falling and there is a lot of competition in the market, will I buy another?? I will certainly look around.

Andrea Pike    on 11 February 2019

Hey me too! Took my 520d tourer 62 plate into my local dealer for an MOT 5 days ago. They told me they would carry out the safety recall at the same time. On returning to collect my car at the end of the day was basically told the same, car had failed, not safe to drive but no parts to replace therefore car was being confiscated until further notice.
Still trying to take this news in was then told rental firm Enterprise would be in touch re a hire car to ‘keep me mobile’ however no loan car available from BMW to fill the gap & offered me a lift home.
Slightly stressing over how I was supposed to get my children to school the next day & myself to work they finally caved & gave me a loan car for 24 hours ( even though I had previously been told there wasn’t one available) after asking to see the service manager, what a surprise, they did have one!
3 days later I finally got my Enterprise rental vehicle ( which I had to collect myself) a lovely Vauxhall Insignia ?? And a manual at that!!
Had to pay a £50 payment (not sure what for) but when I questioned with BMW, why was I having to pay out for this, was told by the stroppy 19 year old that BMW was under no obligation to provide a car & if I didn’t pay then they would have to reconsider my options ??
I haven’t heard from anyone since!
Absolutely shocking experience & very sad to say this will be my last BMW ( if I ever get it back)
Meanwhile I shall carry on driving my 2 kids, 2 dogs & horse round in my Vauxhall Insignia ( oh wait, no tow bar for my horse box)
Sad times ??

Allen Chell    on 12 February 2019

Same for me too. My car was impounded on 24th January and i haven't seen it since. Judging by the other comments not likely to see it for a while either.

What's really galling, is the wording of the recall letter suggesting that the recall work will take two hours. Some feat that, bearing in mind that they have no parts to repair it with. Whats more BMW knew it before they even sent the letter .................Nothing more than deceitful.

If a Brexit "no deal" doesn't put a big hole in BMW UK sales, 260,000 disenchanted existing owners certainly will.

Puff73    on 12 February 2019

Mine has just gone in today -x3 M sports with winter tyres. I am dreading the news as we are due to head to Ireland - north & south - in 2 weeks for both a wedding and husband’s birthday celebs. Many hotels and self catering accommodation booked, plus ferry of course. That lot already cost us a fortune and if I end up without my car - disaster! From all I’ve read about courtesy cars on offer - not acceptable for a long journey in the winter! Yes Bmw have really stuffed up big time on this fiasco. I now await with trepidation the call from the garage to make my day in one form or another.

I had already pointed out this recall to my garage back in October 2018 but they just kept telling me they had received no notification from bmw on my car. Found it myself on DVSA website in January this year while we were on holiday in Europe! So lack of parts were known about that far back as the number of vehicles involved were stated. Shocking state of affairs.

   on 13 February 2019

My 330d is still with BMW, 5 weeks and counting...

Ali82    on 13 February 2019

Same here, 5 weeks so far, crap Hyundai i40 as replacement! P*** poor service, reading around they've known about this potential issue since March 2017 this is an absolute joke!

   on 13 February 2019

Took my car to BMW 3 weeks ago for this EGR recall and was told it had a faulty part (they said from checking the part number on the cooler) but it wasn’t leaking so no danger. They sent me away telling me they would phone me in 3 days when the part is in stock. 3 weeks later and still no communication and endless phone calls to my local dealership to see when it’s going to be changed. Does anyone know when the inspect the part the take the car apart? Because since coming home from BMW I’ve noticed it’s feels like a loss of power when accelerating briefly (kinda like turbo lag) and making me nervous. Already hated my local dealership as they always manage to make you feel like a peasant by if your not there to buy a 80k car your wasting their time, but this is unacceptable when it comes to safety. Considering I took the car last July to the same dealership for a recall for them to look at the EGR value, BMW obviously have been about this problem child component for some time. Wishing I was on team Audi now. Feel for the guys that have had their cars taken off them

   on 14 February 2019

BMW Williams Rochdale have had my 3 series GT 14 Reg since 18th Jan 2019, car went into limp mode on motorway, took car to garage, failed EGR test, got a Nissan manual as a loan car which I've had to add to my insurance at an extra cost?? Shocking Customer service, they don't give a **** no idea when i'll get my car back as they keep on saying ''parts on back order'' tax and mot have run out, I've had to put a SORN on car, I was due to sell it and buy another BMW... don't think i'll be doing that now.... BMW pull your finger out and give your head a wobble, shocking service, ultimate driving machine??? my ASS.

   on 14 February 2019

Its been almost 2.5 months (early Dec) I gave my BMW-5 and still no updates from BMW :(. They said they cannot release the car until they replace part as it failed MOT. Atleast they have arranged a replacement 3 series from Enterprise.

   on 16 February 2019

Same here. 5 weeks now. No info available..

   on 18 February 2019

Hi, my 62 plate F31 330d went in on 19th December. BMW Rybrook Worcester.

I was at the garage for 5 hours for what was meant to be a 'quick look'.

Assured repair would be no later than mid Jan, then it was mid Feb, then end of last week, then now its no ETA available.

BMW agreed to upgrade my hire car (astra 1.6 manual), even had a voicemail confirming they were contacting Enterprise to authorise upgrade, now BMW UK won't even acknowledge them ever calling me to leave the message! An absolute joke.

No idea when I'll get my car back.

   on 18 February 2019

My 330d m sport auto went in on 5th Feb, same problem. I am due to pick up a new caravan with my towing vehicle (330d). I have been given a totally under powered 1.6diesel auto skoda which is good for towing S%!T, if it had a tow bar. The local Bmw dealer has told me that they have had cars since early December and they still don't know when they will be getting any EGR valves!
They couldn't care less about the caravan. Also drove to Weston-Super-Mare in the Skoda and it shudders at 70mph. Phoned enterprise and they offered to put me in a mokka manual or astra 1.4 manual. Sorry no thanks!!
Absolutely disgraceful service and this will be my last BMW. Mercedes all the way!

   on 19 February 2019

I put a deposit on 13 plate 535D and agreed to collect the car from the dealer in 3 days' time. Guess what, 2 days later when I called to arrange time for collection I was told about this recall. Now imagine they had the car in their forecourt and no mention of recall until you lock the deal and pay the deposit. Seeing so many other people affected, I should still be thankful that they offered a hire car through Enterprise which being a manual and Ford still not close to a 535D at least keeping me mobile.

I've been told the wait could be upto 3 weeks but seeing some of the posts above about people waiting for over 5 weeks give me scare. Btw, for hire car I'm still paying insurance excess waiver which is about £12 a day.

Ian MInchella    on 19 February 2019

been waiting 6 weeks now since my 640d was taken away. Been advised parts not likely until end March... terrible customer service - hire car given is crap. So wish i'd spent £75k on a different brand

Ian MInchella    on 19 February 2019

been waiting 6 weeks now since my 640d was taken away. Been advised parts not likely until end March... terrible customer service - hire car given is crap. So wish i'd spent £75k on a different brand

   on 19 February 2019

Update from my previous post.... 5 days ago
BMW Williams Rochdale have had my 3 series GT 14 Reg since 18th Jan 2019, car went into limp mode on motorway, took car to garage, failed EGR test, got a Nissan manual as a loan car which I've had to add to my insurance at an extra cost?? Shocking Customer service, they don't give a **** no idea when i'll get my car back as they keep on saying ''parts on back order'' tax and mot have run out, I've had to put a SORN on car, I was due to sell it and buy another BMW... don't think i'll be doing that now.... BMW pull your finger out and give your head a wobble, shocking service, ultimate driving machine??? my ASS.
Received a call from BMW service centre today ay 15:04pm to say parts still not in and apologies for the wait and all that? I then received a call off the same person at 15:36pm to say my car has had the part fitted? they've done the MOT and it can be picked up after 5pm?? I then received another call at 16:10pm to say when I brought the car in on the 18th Jan I also reported the Air Con not working properly and asked could it be looked at/repaired under the 12 Months used warranty as I purchased from approved BMW, they said no as it's not a warranty item? Anyways... the person stated that as the car was under warranty they would replace the Air Con radiator as it had a crack on it and was leaking refrigerant gas, they would order parts and I can pick up the car in a day or so? I'm so relieved I'm getting my car back with a fresh MOT, new Air Con and EGR fault now cleared, all I can say is hang on in there guys and gals, it's not been a nice month, dealing with BMW has proven difficult and frustrating, they assured me this is a one off situation and couldn't apologise enough, I'll see how the car runs when I get it back!

Francis Fearn    on 19 February 2019

My 520d has only been at the dealer for 2 weeks, although the egr was ordered 3 weeks ago. Early days yet, I know! I was given a car from Enterprise as a replacement which I am ok with - however, I now have a warning for anyone with a car from Entrrprise. The contract that BMW have with Enterprise is to supply a car with fire and theft cover only, the driver using the third party cover from their own insurance. I didn’t think there was an issue with that, so happiily took the car and have been driving it for two weeks. This morning I thought I had better let AA Insurance services know of this situation, and that it was likely to continue for some time. Now comes the shocking news......I AM NOT INSURED! Third party cover is only for a privately owned vehicle driven by me, not one on hire or lease! BMW have gone with the cheaper option on the contract with Enterprise of not providing full insurance cover. The car is now parked on my drive, and my dealership has spent all afternoon trying to contact someone at BMW to raise this point and sort it, but has been unsuccessful in getting to speak to anyone. The Enterprise take on this is hilarious. Apparently, if I had been involved in an accident and my insurers refused to pay, then Enterprise Head Office would pay......WHAT? Beggars belief! Needless to say there is nothing in writing to confirm this, and anyway, until such accident I would be driving without insurance. ABSOLUTE FIASCO, I will not be buying another BMW. The hire car will stay parked on the drive until sorted.

Edited by Francis Fearn on 19/02/2019 at 19:23

   on 20 February 2019

My 14 plate 330d touring m sport went in 30th Jan same story as all the above . Pay the extra excess waiver £120.00 fine on Dartford toll ( completely forgot about it as other car registered for crossing) I am sure BMW will cough for that ....I am very surprised this appalling episode has not got traction in the media!

Nick E    on 21 February 2019

Can somebody advise please, are the affected vehicles failing the MOT test? Mine is subject to a recall but tempted to take mine to council run MOT centre and then get the recall work done when the dust has settled maybe later in the year? Got a 435 on a 15 plate? Can anyone who has been subject to a recall had their car MOT tested somewhere other than a BMW dealership advise please??

   on 22 February 2019

My 330d x drive has been sitting in the BMW garage for 6 weeks waiting for the EGR parts. No updates, no contact, no clue. Appalling customer service. Driving an astra for nearly 2 months of the winter. Totally unacceptable

Rajiv Sakaria    on 22 February 2019

I have just received my 6 series back from BMW kentish town, and they only reinforce the awful customer service, handling and customer experiences of everyone else above! My car had a scuff on it where they had clearly reversed into another car in their sardine like car park of customers cars they have. After initially trying to say it was there prior to them taking the car they then viewed their video and because they could not see it in the video (because it was a rainy day apparently) they begrudgingly had the body shop touch it up without even so much as an apology.
To top this off I have then discovered that they are not carrying out half the job they are meant to be doing and are cutting corners by simply replacing the egr cooler but not the engine manifold where the damage will have been caused? Which is outlined in the original recall and will only lead to more problems in the future for 260,000 BMW owners. ABSOLUTE JOKE OF A COMPANY AND ENDANGERING MANY LIVES! CHECK THE WORK THAT WAS DONE IF YOU HAVE RECEIVED YOUR CAR BACK!!!

Cobie Flynn    on 22 February 2019

My 2015 X3 was taken away on the 10th Jan, 6 weeks later and I am still waiting. Zero updates from the dealership or BMW - absolutely shockingly poor customer service, no one cares or has any consideration for the inconvenience being caused. I chased again today and have been told it could be another 6 weeks before my car is made safe to drive.

While the hire car does drive from A to B, it is completely unsuitable for my needs, but no one cares. I was booked on the Eurostar with the X3 on the 25 Jan; obviously missed that as I couldn't take the hire car out of the UK and the Eurostar was non-refundable. Zero sh@t's given by anyone at BMW.

I ask BMW to keep the car and write off the PCP finance as the values are similar, but they've refused to do that unless I buy another BMW. I just want a car that is fit for my purposes so I can get on with my life.

   on 23 February 2019

Same as above for me. My 330d M Sport has been with my local dealer now for 5 weeks. Dealer can't get the parts and BMW UK keep refering me back to my local dealer. Customer service is terrible and I'm paying high PCP payments and insurance to drive an Enterprise hire car!! I've complained to BMW but my only way to describe their response is "they don't care".

Although I love the car, it's made me want to hand it back and cancel my finance contract with them. It shows they don't care about existing customers, just a big focus at the minute on releasing the new version for 2019.

To make matters worse for me, I was without a car for 2 days when I first dropped it off as BMW UK hadn't even got my details correct on their system, even though the local dealer had. I had to walk home from the dealership and chase before eventually getting a Renault Kadjar!!!! To add insult to injury, I even had to pay a £50 deposit to be able to drive the car!!!

Shocking customer service. No communication unless I chase. It's then followed by, we have over 25 cars waiting for parts and we have absolutely no idea when the parts are available.

I've been sold a car that was dangerous. Surely there must be some action us customers can take to be compensated for this process???

Ben Hand    on 23 February 2019

I have had the same problem with my 330d. There was absolutely no transparency from BMW and they were quite happy to impound my car and then afterwards tell me that if I wanted it back I would have to sign a waiver to accept liability if anything were to go wrong.the recall letter asking me to bring my car in said the work would take approx 2 hours!! I am in the process of consulting my lawyer to see if there is anything that can be done legally. I will report back.

MartaG    on 26 February 2019

Hi Ben.
Any news? Is it worth getting a lawyer? I have been without the car for 6 weeks now :(

Ben Hand    on 2 March 2019

Not sure if it is coincidence or not but I called Sytners earlier this week and told them I was taking legal is now ready to pick up.

MartaG    on 2 March 2019

Thanks for your reply.
I’ve just had a call from BMW and car will be ready to collect at 3PM.
Couldn’t be happier :)

Geoff Graves    on 23 February 2019

Same for me with 525d. Took it in 3 weeks ago for the recall, told it’s effected and got a hire car. Said I needed an auto but none available. Took a week to get me an Astra auto, and as has been said, at least I’m mobile but not happy paying over £300 a month with finance and insurance to drive around in an Astra.
Even the guy in bmw said bmw have handled it really badly. Still no idea when it’ll be back.
Not one for complaining about things usually as sh#t happens etc but just feel this is one mighty big co#k up.

Steve Sho    on 25 February 2019

Sytner have had my 64 reg. 530D for 4 weeks today, & like everyone else I don't understand why BMW are behaving so badly.

This looks like a Corporate save & to hell with the consequences. I think the whole program is designed to stay just the right side of the law, & no-one there cares about the 250k customers that, like me, will not ever buy another one.

There's nothing wrong per se with my Enterprise-rented Hyundai Ionic (apart from it's gutless & feels entirely made out of cheap plastic), but it's not the car that I scratched around to pay for. Also finding now that as we organize our year, book Eurostar crossings & car parks for various functions etc. that I have no idea what reg. to put down.

All the little things that arise from not having your own car start to mount up, & really nothing is coming back from BMW.

I've just phoned the dealership for an update. The receptionist has just actually said to me 'he told me to tell you that he's in a meeting'.

It doesn't bode well. I'm fed up. This brand is dead to me.

Ryan Caisley    on 26 February 2019

I'm into a month now, no information on parts! Stuck with a Renault Captur. Only bought the BM mid-Jan 2019, regret it now! Never received such dreadful service, premium brand they say!

SHADOMAN    on 28 February 2019

Still waiting, car impounded on 21 Jan 2019, no news, no dialog with the garage unless I call them, then it is ..............umm, no news from BWM UK on parts ...... also pointed out car has been sitting around for 6 weeks now so have they a procedure/process in place to "maintain" the cars, eg battery etc. Nothing! So watch out for battery issues after sitting around for weeks and weeks, "consequential" damage. As a prime candidate for a new car soon, my current 63 plate xDrive and the new 3 series coming, you would have thought customer service would be top priority? New Audi A4 coming this year too, nice S line quattro to replace my xDrive then. Have SORN the BMW and frozen the insurance after consulting NFU for approval when the car was impounded. The wait goes on and on and on .....................

David P Appleby    on 1 March 2019

I am having the same problem no part and no information. The number of people affected must run into the tens of thousands.
This may be even too big for BMW to handle and it seems the situation is getting out of control.
Many posts complain about BMW not replacing like for like cars and this ultimately leads me to conclude that not only do they not care about UK customers they are actively promoting distrust in the brand.
As a collective we have a lot of power so why don't we all get together and take action against BMW they are denying us the use of our cars, making us incur additional costs and they do not care. I really love my X5 it is such a shame that this has happened. What is going on?
I wonder if we could contact trading standards, local MPs the police? As a customer I do not feel properly compensated.

Alexander West    on 1 March 2019

I am willing to add my name to any action against them. Not the first, or even second time that I've been treated this badly by BMW and like many others my money will be going to a different brand when I change my car in a few months time.

Ben Hand    on 2 March 2019

I had posted previously regarding taking legal action...... I called Sytners earlier this week and told them I would be going legal, 3 days later my 330d is ready to pick up. Good bye Hyundai Ioniq!! Car was in for 4 weeks to the day.

Mick Grundy    on 3 March 2019

Same here - took my X5 into Cooper Banstead on Jan 31st and not seen it since! The dealer were OK in that they gave me their loaner Mini for a couple of days until the hire care was sorted but returned from a holiday 4 weeks on to find no sign of the parts needed. I asked who to shout at; they said BMW Customer Service. OK... So I call BMW and same story as everyone else here - "we're sorry, parts shortage, no idea when etc etc." I was very surprised to be told that a Vauxhall Insignia is equivalent to an X5, but that's fine, next time I've got 40 grand to spend I'll visit a BMW dealer and ask for a Brand new top-of-the-range X5. In the meantime, with a bit of probing, I can get my car back but I'd need to sign a disclaimer. VERY poor from BMW, not what I'd expect.

   on 3 March 2019

Escalated my complaint to the Motor Ombudsman after receiving a dull bureaucratic response from BMW UK.

I encourage everyone else to do the same after filing a complaint to BMW UK, the whole situation is a joke!

SHADOMAN    on 4 March 2019

Just called BMW again and asked for an update. Nothing, EGR part for my 330d ordered vs my chassis number still not available and no indication when etc etc etc. I asked and some parts have been received to fix cars apparently. 42 days and counting ..................aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

   on 5 March 2019

Lloyd BMW South Lakes have had my car for 5 weeks now initially given courtesy car when car went in for MOT and Oil Service and EGR Check was contacted by dealer to be told that they had found that my EGR was faulty and needed replacing but parts on back order. The next comment was that they had done a visual inspection and the front breaks needed replacing at a cost of £305 would I like them to go ahead and replace these. Then was told I would have to return the courtesy car and they would sort out a hire car but nothing available until the next day. I arranged with Enterprise to pick up the car from the dealer over 20 miles away from home and drop the courtesy car off at the same time. Turned up at agreed time but no show from Enterprise so quick call to them to be told they had been delayed picking up another car but would be with me as soon as possible 40 minutes later they arrived with a Toyota Avensis Estate which they said was all they had available but had to pay £50 Deposit. Toyota was faulty as it kept cutting out and then would not start so returned to by local Enterprise to be told they had nothing until the next day. I returned the next morning to be given a Mini which acording to them is a BMW!!!! I have phoned BMW UK to complain but like talking to a brick wall great customer service not. I phoned the dealer on Friday last week for an update to be told they still did not have an ETA on parts they just turn up without any notice. I asked if I could get my car back as I have lost confidence in BMW and would like to get it traded in for another car but was told I could not get it as it was unsafe to drive. I will not be getting another BMW and told them not to call me which I have had regarding the new 3 series model to replace my 335D GT which is currently costing a fortune to sit in the dealer car park collecting dust.

susan nicholls    on 5 March 2019

This is quite unbelievable ! I too had a recall notice, but at no point was i advised that they might keep my car for weeks, it was the guy who came to collect it who said "say goodbye you might not see it again for weeks " and my jaw dropped.
So when I was advised same day that it had failed and that BMW would be in touch, I then started this unpleasant journey experienced by the comments above...It is almost as if this is our fault, no hire car available, no idea when my car will return, no updates, just no no no no.
I am stunned, my life is on hold, so yes I will look down the legal route and press publicity, because whilst I get it that this recall has overwhelmed BMW , they should have got all their ducks in a row before piling their mess onto their customers.

madgooner1978    on 5 March 2019

My 2015 X5 40d went in for routine service on 2 January. As of today, the egr valve is still on back order 9 weeks on with no indication of when it’s likely to arrive. What I would say in the Dealers defence, they have no support from BMW uk. The blame for this debacle should be directed to BMW Uk.

Edited by madgooner1978 on 05/03/2019 at 23:54

Cheltenham John    on 6 March 2019

I echo most of the above. Coming up to 3 weeks without the car which was impounded when I took it for its major service (no letter received about the recall btw)
Have a petrol manual Octavia as a "replacement" for my diesel auto 5 series - but at least I'm on the road.

I am now hugely concerned about insurance and will be checking the position today with Enterprise and with my insurance company about a freeze.
I also think that this needs escalating and will take this to the Ombudsman - who must already have seen the scale of this. Some kind of retrospective compensation should surely be forthcoming after this debacle is over ?

susan nicholls    on 6 March 2019

Hi, was just wondering what the issue is concerning the insurance ?

Cheltenham John    on 6 March 2019

I have checked with Enterprise and they have now confirmed that my insurance cover is fully comp - though with £250 excess. Someone suggested that the cover was only 3rd party - which panicked me.

I am also exploring some kind of freeze or rebate on my own car insurance given that the daily cost is over £1

   on 6 March 2019

I took my 420d in on 4 February for a service; the same issue as reported above arose. I was fortunate enough to still be under warranty and made a complaint to BMW about the Seat Alhambra I was given, and so got upgraded to a 3 series. Exactly 4 weeks after, I complained to the ombudsman, and told the dealer that I had also lodged legal action, and half an hour later I got a call saying the car would be ready in a couple of days time after having finally received the part. I picked it up yesterday, when the dealer was filled with disgruntled customers also picking up their cars! I'm going to persist with the legal action, because the way I see it BMW needs to compensate me for time without the car that I paid £25k for (even if it just claiming back that portion of road tax, insurance that applies to that period), but also... a Seat Alhambra!

Hang in there...

madgooner1978    on 6 March 2019

A further update today on my X5 40d, I had a call from my dealer who were ringing to provide an ‘update’ on my vehicle. They received 70nr valves in today...but mine was not one of them ??. Apparently a further 7000nr valves are due into the Uk next week, but they can not say whether mine or what models will be among them!!

Alex001    on 7 March 2019

Hi All, same story here. I own 525D 62 reg. I received a BMW recall letter sometime in Jan. At the same time, my car had issue with connected drive, it reboots every few seconds. So booked an appointment with my dealer on 4th Feb for Connected Drive issue and EGR recall. Received a call from them that Connected drive will require a software update and i don't need to use my extended warranty excess which was around £250. So far happy path :) Then after few hours i received another call and here started the trouble. Software update did not resolve the issue, so they have to go for replacement of display unit. When i asked whether it will be covered by warranty, they said Yes, but i have to pay £100 extra for software installation, rip off :( Also my car had EGR fault and have to be repaired. I was offered courtesy Car(Vauxhall Insignia) from Enterprise on same day, which i am happy to drive for short time.

Anyway in few days, warning sign appeared in my courtesy car for low air on back wheel, called their customer desk, and they asked me to pay £250 excess to have a look into it. So annoyed, took it to Kwik fit and got it fixed for £85, it was puncture which requires replacement. I am pretty sure Enterprise have given me a car with the existing fault on the tyre. So please take extra care when u receive a car from Enterprise, worth taking pictures when they hand over the car.

Its more than 5 weeks, and still no news from my dealer. Every time i call my dealer they say the service person in a meeting and will get back to me. So annoying, they don't have any clue on whats happening with such a large recall issue and as a customer we are in the receiving end.

   on 7 March 2019

In Spain we are living the same situation, this is UNREAL.

I have my red F33 430d (M pack full eq) confiscated by BMW Las Tablas Madrid - one of the largest BMW centers in Madrid. A couple of weeks ago I went to the dealer for a common regular service (I did not received any letter from BMW due to their lack and poor after sales control), and of course I got my car seized / confiscated. Now have passed two weeks and the only news I have from the dealer is always only after several enquiries from my side. I am about to take legal actions as my car is missing value, I am paying fixed costs and missing its economic value despite of not using it and it BMW fault.

I want to say that BMW and their dealerships are not acting in a trustworthy, transparent and clear way.

They know perfectly they are having stock problems (admitting that point could imply legal problems for them) and they are still lying you telling people they are usually reparing all these cars "in a period from 3 to 21 days in some few worst cases", and that is far away from the reality.

I also have at least a manual shift BMW 118d which is a bit different what I am used (150 bhp vs 319 bhp and somewhere around 25k€ car vs 70k€ car), and any customer doesn't need to suffer any inconvenience neither BMW nor any car maker specially when they are not being TRUSTWORTHY and sincere from the very beginning. As soon as they face such a big problem replacing so many parts they knew perfectly that they won't be able to have stock in time for all those vehicles. Basic demand planning I work in finance and I know this is a basic fact in business.

I have other BMW but now I understand why this brand is missing market share against competitors like MB, these are the two last BMWs I will have.

Good luck to all you with BMW. We will need it.

I don't trust anymore in this brand.

Jem S    on 7 March 2019

Just taken my car away to Rybrook in Worcester and received a Insignia from Enterprise this evening. Looking good I thought until I started to read these posts. I had the misfortune of this fault in Sept 2017 in my BMW 520 Reg 14. Blew a hole in the intake manifold and took out the alternator at the same time. Filled the vehicle with a burning smoke smell. It was scary when it happened doing 70 miles an hour on a motorway. I emailed BMW customer service soon after and was introduced to "Laura" reading from a script I imagine! Basically as the car was out of warranty by 3 months and as the tow truck took it to a non-BMW garage where it was repaired, BMW weren't interested. I even took photographs of the intake manifold to show them but Laura's parting words were "I am sorry, it was unfortunate, but BMW would not compensate in any way!" So I am still £1300.00 worse off after that episode. Do I have grounds to pursue compensation?

Edited by Jem S on 14/03/2019 at 14:40

Steve Sho    on 8 March 2019

It will be 6 weeks on Monday, no news!

I would willingly sign something to say 'never again, BMW'. If 250,000 people joined, they might actually take some notice.

Or they might not.

Geoff Graves    on 10 March 2019

Mines just over 5 weeks and are here only contact is if I actually go to the dealer as they never answer or return calls and same answer of no idea.
I’m also concerned regarding battery issues of it sat there for so long and battery going completely dead.
Also I’m up for joining in with group complaint as my complaints to bmw so far are just responded with sorry!
Paying over £300 a month for a car I can’t use is now starting to get annoying.

Richard Cosham    on 10 March 2019

535d went in for service, was told about the recall but reassured they had the part. Car was impounded by Worthing chandlers. As with everyone else I have been told it is for the foreseeable future. They are also refusing to do any warranty work. My car was under warranty so have been given a like for like replacement which is a Volvo v90.
Poor after sales service as is the norm with Bmw. I understand recalls happen but the way they treat their customers is horrendous and very unpleasant.
As with a lot of you guys I too will be going to Merc or Audi next.

Portuguese    on 11 March 2019

Here in Portugal is the same shameless situation. I am at the 6th week for a 318D F81 2016/01 plate EGR retention and also without any clue about when I will get my car back.

I do not understand how BMW has managed to stifle, at least here, a scandal of this dimension. Scarcely anything is read or heard about it.

The brakes oil change scheme was the one used with me to get the car into the workshop and after the bad news about EGR they provided immediately a 2 series as a replacement car. This situation and how BMW is managing it is unbelievable, ridiculous, non sense. I read somewhere an article saying that the problem is not only the part missing, but also the complex intervention needed. I also have heard that BMW had not find the solution to the problem yet! I don’t know what to believe anymore...

If you are suffering this delays in UK, imagine us in the big and expressive Portuguese market… Bizarre. Why I did not chose a MB C-class? Next time, for sure I will.

Good luck to all.

   on 11 March 2019

I have a very similar story to many above... a month ago now my 2013 plate 520 went in for front brake pads and disks replacement, £500+, and i was told I couldn't have it back due to the recall. Was told Enterprise would arrange and deliver a similar spec replacement. No such luck.. I had to go collect the car, at my own expense, and was given the choice of Vauxhall GrandLand or Nissan Qashqai (both manual, both 1.5). I don't mean to be a car snob, but neither of these, in my eyes, are equivalent replacements for my BMW. I chose the Nissan and although its new and has every gadget on it you can think of, a BMW it aint. I choose to pay over the odds for everything (especially £500+ for front brakes) for the enjoyment of driving a b***** nice car... if i wanted a gutless boat, id have bought a Qashqai..

We have complained to the dealer (Coopers in Colchester) who simply say they cant do anything and have no idea how long it could take to get the parts. They do phone one a week to let me know the same thing.

Enterprise weren't much better.. apparently they dont have any similar spec Automatics... (maybe they should consider buying some)

The BMW is due its MOT whilst its sat in their carpark, so we did manage to persuade them to do that for free..

I too will consider other makes when i replace next year... Back to Mercedes i think.

Emma Huse    on 11 March 2019

Same here, advised end of 2018 to book in for recall.
Earliest they could get me in with a courtesy car was Feb 14 9.00am! Told at 5.00pm it needed parts (even though I had advised them that I had loss of power in 2018) and it would take 7 - 10 days. Told I would have to hand in my brand new mini in exchange for an Enterprise rental.

Haven't heard from Enterprise or BMW and it will be 4 weeks this week.

6 Series M Sport for a mini!!.....terrible service, and to be honest, they don't seem that bothered, and I'm not sure I could bear a standard reply to an articulate complaint that would take several hours.

Voting with my purse.....whatever my next car is, it WILL NOT be a BMW!!!

Happy to sign any petition or support if it gets started.

   on 11 March 2019

535D Touring. Last seen 8 weeks ago.... Terrible service from Cooper Thames Ditton which is beyond chaotic. I'm certainly never buying a BMW group car again after the way this has been handled

Adrian Hufton    on 12 March 2019

Same as everyone else here, took my Wife's 435d XDrive Convertable in to Haliwell Jones, Chester on 4th Feb, we have a Toyota Yaris hybrid from Enterprise, and that was an upgrade on the Corsa, after the Fiesta (wife wanted an auto so swapped to the Yaris)
No news from BMW, only get the service Manager's voice mail.
When it first went in i joked about a BMW hire car saying i was thinking of buying an M2 so if they were to lend me one i may not want to give it back so they potentially had a deal on the table...... not a chance, can't even get like for like as my late 2014 435d with 25k miles is out of warranty.
Now when her went in, she took my 535D Msport and i drove the uncomfortable gutless crap from Enterprise, all of them (the Fiesta was ok but still gutless)
I'm no car snob but you do get used to and appreciate what you drive and there is nothing else out there that i want.
Last week i picked up my M2, did i buy it from a main agent?... not a chance, will it be serviced by main agent, even though it is only a year old?, not a chance.
Main agent BMW is dead to me but i can't help but like the cars and i think they know this which is why they will gamble on weathering the storm.
We are also looking into legal action, my letter of complaint to BMW uk was only met with the automated response of a reply will be received in a couple of days, nothing, they really don't care.

   on 13 March 2019

We have two cars. Both have been impounded. A 2014 430d and a 2012 520d touring.
Been with bmw for 4 weeks now.
Franchise owner trells me there is one factory in Korea making all parts. They make 40k parts a week. The recall has affected a hell of a lot more cars than advertised. On average they are getting 5 or 6 parts a week at my franchise. They have 99 cars in the pound and a several hundred more to book in.
This is going to take months.
No compensation from bmw.
The pain for me is that the 520 is up for sale, so I am now seeing it devalue and there's nothing I can do about it.

   on 13 March 2019

Follow up post after my 19th February post:
After exactly 3 weeks of waiting I finally got my hands on my 2013 535D that had recall done on it. Though I wasn't happy either with the car I got from Enterprise and the way it was all handled, I still appreciate that Vines of Guildford stood by their words as they told me to expect 3 weeks of waiting.

One thing though, no one has got in touch yet telling if they'll compensate for the payment I made to Enterprise for excess-waiver. I'll check with them once I get final invoice.

   on 13 March 2019

I was informed about the recall so called my local dealer to book it in. Unaware of the recall backlog I was told that parts are on back order so they would book it in in a months time. Again, in the dark about the recall I took my car in a month later and was given a 3 series by the dealer. At the desk I was asked if I wanted it cleaned and also it should be available at 5pm! I therefore drove off quite happy. Then the call to state that the parts are on 2 weeks back order, which reading the above sounds optimistic! They are now calling me to return the 3 series and switch to hire car from BMW. I'm thinking sod that and keep the dealer courtesy car. At the end of the day its the only card I've got to play for them to put a bit of focus on it. So angry I 'opted' to put my car in

It's clear from the conversation that they hadn't even ordered the part for me so what the hell was the point in waiting?

   on 13 March 2019

I'm currently on 10 weeks to the day for my 2014 530d. It's with BMW Wollaston (Northampton) and they originally told me it would be somewhere between 2 days and 2 weeks when I dropped it off with them.

I'm driving around in a Vauxhall Mokka from Enterprise. Apparently they've yet to receive any parts for the 3 litre engine.

I'm inclined to think they're lying and putting me to the back of the queue. I've had several incidents of poor service from BMW dealers now and this is going to be the nail in the coffin for the brand for me.

Having worked for large businesses with complex supply chains in the past, they will have a pretty good idea by now of when parts will arrive. I get the feeling they're bumping me down the queue as it wasn't bought from their dealership.

Geoff Graves    on 14 March 2019

Finally got the call from bmw mines ready after 6 weeks.
When I said I’ll collect on Saturday they said couldn’t I pick it up earlier as bmw don’t want to be paying for hire car and may charge me if mines ready! Wtf! Call late on Thursday afternoon and thinking I can just pick up next day! Not like any of us work though is it and do they think we want to be driving round in a hire car instead of our own!

Ahmet cayir    on 15 March 2019

Wow.. This is unbelievable I have actually read everybody's response on the matter and I am totally shocked as to how a big automotive chain like BMW is having a crisis like this. I am currently still waiting for my 2015 530D since early January (2.5 months now from bmw sytner chigwell) no call backs or anything but luckily I have been given a Mercedes E Class due to my nature of work which I had to pay £150.00 deposit for.. We have to look at taking legal action, they cannot simply get away with this as I am now having to cancel plans driving abroad/long trips as its making me anxious if they will call me while I am away to come pick up my car.

Key Murphy    on 15 March 2019

Hi just contacted Cooper Teesside today to book my 640D in for recall work, i was told it is safe to keep driving until the next available appointment which is the 6th of August !

Geoff Graves    on 15 March 2019

Picked mine up earlier and so good to be back in it.
They Hadn’t bothered to clean it and so it was rotten after being in the rain etc for 6 weeks, and don’t where it was stored etc but it was given in with just under a quarter tank of diesel and got it back with 20 miles left!
At least I’ve got it back though.

John Bayliss    on 15 March 2019

Just got my 520D Touring back from Cotswold BMW, Cheltenham after 6 1/2 weeks. Complaining about the hire car I was given (1.6 Astra) and the fact that I couldn’t take the dog in it got me nowhere. Then I managed to find the e-mail address for the CEO of BMW UK. Suddenly things changed, car upgraded to an SUV and ‘of course you can take the dog in it Sir’ oh and here’s £250 for your trouble.
Nice to have it back and even the dog looks pleased.

Trev G    on 18 March 2019

Think you should be sharing the email address of the CEO BMW UK so we can all send him a message of what we think of the situation

Susie50    on 29 March 2019

Hi John
I’m in the same situation. Car impounded and no communication.
Please can I have the CEO’s email of BMW UK.
I feel more of us need to complain to the top as lower down nothing is done.
A very sad situation, I’m driven BMW’s for over 40 years, not anymore!

Edited by Susie50 on 05/04/2019 at 20:35

   on 16 March 2019

Just phoned stratstone harrogate to book in my 225d for the EGR recall.....told the earliest would be 9th August!!!

Absolute joke from BMW, 5 month wait for a potentially dangerous part!! ??????????????

Steve Sho    on 18 March 2019

Picked my 530 up on Saturday after 7 weeks from Sytner BMW in Tamworth.

Disorganised poor quality to the last; they couldn't find my file, had to come back to me & ask 'who were you dealing with?', eventually the car came around & they put me in it with a low tyre pressure warning on the screen.

I rejected it, & they sorted it quickly (they sensed my mood I think).
Nearly 1 hour wait just to pick my car up, even when it was pre-arranged.

Things are slipping, both BMW & the dealership.

It's nice to be driving it again. Such a shame that I won't buy another one because of all this nonsense.

   on 19 March 2019

Took my 520d in for MOT a couple of weeks ago and booked in the recall. I was told that some parts are on back order and they may need to keep the car. I was OK with that thinking perhaps a couple of days. Took 2 days to get hire car and when the lady dropped it off she suggested cars taking up to 2 months to sort out. I didn't believe her at the time but seems she was right. Still no update. My concern is where the car is being kept in the meantime. I asked if I could bring it back until parts were ready but told no. An absolute disgrace from BMW. Not sure who to contact now but collectively we should be kicking up a stink.

   on 21 March 2019

Well in terms of loan car quality I seem to be the odd one out here, I took my 640d to Cooper BMW in Durham 2 weeks ago and was handed a Brand spanking New with 78 miles on the clock BMW 530e Msport, I didn't have to pay any extra for the insurance and I have got it until I get mine back so although I must admit I like my 640 d better and it is more economical I am quite happy with the service I received from them and can't complain about the hire car. The one thing I would say is that this car is supposed to get 140 miles per gallon and I use it to drive to Scotland and back every week and I am averaging about 33! that is normal driving, doing about 600 miles a week and, I got 44 out of the 640d,

Paul Fairclough    on 21 March 2019

Well at least it’s good to know everyone’s experiences, my 520D was on recall letter so I booked it in for this morning not knowing any of this kerfuffle, it took from 8am until 4.30pm for them to contact me and tell me the EGR cooler is on back order so I can’t have my car back, god only knows why they couldn’t have fore warned me about this. They called me last week and said there was a second recall on my car and it needed a new air conditioning condenser as well so booked it in to be done at the same time. I am currently sat waiting for my enterprise car between 7pm and 10pm tonight which after reading this lot will probably be a roller skate, all a bit slack from such a high profile dealer. Surely these parts could have been produced and market flooded much quicker than this to prevent so many disgruntled BMW owners.

   on 21 March 2019

We received the letter a couple of weeks back and our 12 plate 520D M Sport went in last Thursday. It failed the test and we were told we’d be without our car for between 4 to 6 weeks. My immediate concern like many others was which inadequate car we would be receiving. At first we were told that we would be getting a Vauxhall Mokka. So we went into negotiation mode with BMW and Enterprise. At first we were given a Toyota Yaris hybrid, which was in my eyes totally inadequate for our needs and no way compensates the loss of our 5 series.
But with many thanks and appreciation to our local dealers, we had 68 plate 630d GT delivered today. Id like to but I’m not going to name them, in case it causes any issues. So all I can say is talk your dealer daily telling them your issues and keep your fingers crossed. Good luck. I’m hoping that my car is the last in the country to be repaired.

   on 22 March 2019

Ian Grant
I am a BMW customer involved in Egr recall. I have been driving an Enterprise rental car for a week now on the understanding I am fully insured. After reading several posts regarding insurance I found myself contacting both Enterprise and BMW to discover the agreement between them does not cover third party if I am at fault.
On contacting my own insurance company I was informed they will not cover me third party for a rental vehicle as it registered to business.
I suggest BMW customers to check if they are fully covered. I contacted BMW Customer Service who confirmed level of cover did not include third party.

   on 23 March 2019

i'm in my third week without my 520 msport just done an easy search and found bm ceo email address and sent him an email at how unhappy i am so lets all o the same thing it might speed things up

   on 25 March 2019

Horrified!! Didn't know anything about these problems - cars being impounded, lousy hire/courtesy cars, insurance issues etc. Booked my 12 plate 520 M sport tourer in for the recall work a few weeks ago. Work to be carried out next week, courtesy car all booked. Told car would be checked and any necessary work carried out same day. "Return courtesy car following day and collect your car sir!"

Thought I would just check online to see what problem actually was - what a shock! Immediately rang BMW dealership and complained that nobody had told me about the risk of car being impounded etc. Told them that I plan to tow caravan on holiday later that week and must have my car for that. "No problem (they said) if your car affected by fault, we will supply car with tow bar capable of towing your caravan, will arrange same day for you .." But will they! I now have severe doubts. Also, tow car has to be of right size etc to match caravan size and weight. What do I do? Car showing no symptoms so cancel the recall appointment and soldier on for now until parts available? But where does that leave me in terms of liability etc, if the fault then develops having made the provisional booking?

I am really angry with the dealership for not being honest with me about this problem, and the issues and implications it raises for me and others. For a dealership then to adopt a "it is all BMW's fault nothing to do with us" attitude, really sticks in the throat. Like most others, it is Audi or Mercedes next time. Can't wait to receive my next regular call from BMW sales trying to entice me to change....!

   on 26 March 2019

I have given up on BMW and traded in my X5 which is still in compound for a Jaguar F-Pace. I was able to do this as main dealer has other franchises in the group. I was concerned I would not get good deal due to the fact my X5 could be in the compound for sometime before the can sell on, but my fears were unfounded I received an excellent part exchange deal.
The main dealer has around 90 cars in compound with at least 30% now owned by them taken in part exchange

Robin Spooner    on 26 March 2019

In addition to all the problems mentioned above, I was horrified to learn today that I am basically uninsured for any third party claim for which I am held to be liable!!! Under the terms of the contract between BMW and Enterprise, third part liability is not covered. I checked with my own insurance company and they confirmed that Enterprise is not considered to be part of the "Motor Trade" and my policy does not therefore cover the loan car. Had it been provided directly from BMW then there would be no problem. Effectively then, in the event of an accident resulting in a third party claim for which I was held to be at fault, I would be personally liable for any and all costs!!!
I got back to BMW Customer Services who professed to know nothing about this and promised to look into it and get back to me. I'm still waiting!

This is a major issue which could bankrupt anyone who ends up in this unfortunate situation and BMW negotiated the deal to specifically exclude third party cover, presumably to save costs. Disgusting!!!

   on 26 March 2019

Had an EGR cooler recall letter about two weeks ago and then if by magic my engine warning light comes on. BMW send out an engineer to take a look as the car was stuttering when accelerating. Engineer says EGR cooler fine but EGR value is faulty. Engineer says they are not related. Has anyone else been told this?

BMW now want £400 to replace the EGR value!

PAUL richardson-jones    on 27 March 2019

id like to add the latest on this. Mine only went in yesterday to BMW Portslade Hove. it was late in the day and i was sent to the local Enterprise in brighton. They had one car in stock left due to the recal, it an 8 Seater Hyundai MPV - or minibus if im being honest. My car is a 335. It was actually pretty funny and even laughed with the Enterpise guys. I was told that i could swap this the next day with a local garage. I live in Shepperton so have loads of Enterprise garages around. All of them are out of stock of the grade D replacements (Moka, Focus, Duke range), I called Customer serice at BMW who advised a complain, i call BMW complaints who informed me that Portslade should have told me its 3 options.
1. BMW loan from Portslade (contrary to what we have heard here, this is their first option, understandably they are out of stock)
2. Enterpise car, Band D
3. if the Band D car isnt appropriate, you can call you Service department back and tell them, they then have to seek an alternative rental from someone other than Enterpise. If they cant do this then you can Self Hire at 45 pounds per day and recharge back to BMW (your local service still need to authorise this). BMW complaints were disappointed option 3 wasn't communicated.

Ive just called Portslade and they are trying to accommodate this now,

Alex001    on 27 March 2019

I'm currently on 8th week annoyed. My dealer is so rude, they dont give any other information other than blaming BMW HO.

In regards to Enterprise car, its true, as many pointed out they don't have convincing response for 3rd party liability. I just spoken to Enterprise, they have confirmed if there is a 3rd Party claim happened, first they try to claim through my personal insurance, if my personal Insurance decline to cover, then they use their Insurance to cover. I asked them to send that statement in an email, and still waiting for the response. I suggest everyone who got Enterprise car, please get in writing before driving their car for safer side.

But if you look at their contract agreement it seems we are not covered for 3rd Party liability unless its stated in our agreement.

Extract from the agreement( please refer the highlighted statement in bold as below).

(f) Third Party Liability: Unless the words “3RD PARTY COVER INCLUDED” appear on the Rental Agreement Summary, If valid motor third party liability insurance is available on any basis to Renter, Authorised Driver(s) or any other driver, and such insurance satisfies Road Traffic Act 1988 (as amended by the Road Traffic Act 1991), Road Traffic (Northern Ireland) Order 1981 for rentals originating in the UK or the Road Traffic Acts 1961 to 2014 for rentals originating in Ireland or any other legislation currently in force in any jurisdiction in which the Vehicle is operated during the Rental Period, that insurance is primary and Owner's motor fleet insurance policy will not cover the use of the Vehicle by Renter, any Authorised Driver(s) or any other driver (as the case may be), unless otherwise agreed between Owner and Renter. Renter is required to report the claim to Renter's insurer and comply with the terms of any applicable insurance policy. Renter is required to disclose details of any such insurance to Owner or Owner's insurer upon Owner's request. If such insurance is available to Renter, but does not cover the relevant third party claim, Renter agrees that Owner or Owner's insurers may handle the third party claim on Owner's behalf through Owner's motor fleet insurance policy, and that Owner will have the sole right to settle any claim as Owner may decide is necessary, and Renter assigns any rights available to Renter under Renter's insurance policy to Owner, which includes allowing Owner to make a claim under any policy in Renter's name. Renter agrees to fully cooperate with any claim that Owner or Owner's insurer may make against Renter's insurer in such circumstances. If the insurance available to Renter, Authorised Driver(s) or any other driver (as the case may be) does not pay any third party the damages they are entitled to as a result of Renter's, Authorised Driver(s)' or any other driver's failing to comply with the terms and conditions of that policy, Renter will have to repay on demand all costs incurred by Owner or Owner's insurers in settling and handling the claim.

Edited by Alex001 on 27/03/2019 at 14:35

Robin Spooner    on 28 March 2019

Happy to report that Enterprise have confirmed that Third Party liability is covered. The confusion seems to have arisen as a result of the wording of the relevant section of the rental documents. It needs to be read several times, and very slowly, in order to interpret the convoluted wording. Well I did anyway!

   on 29 March 2019

14 plate 330d Tourer in the shop now. Expected to be in for 2/3 weeks in their opinion.
Gave me a Nissan Juke to begin with... hilarius compromise. Went back next day and said this is not gonna work.
I'm now in a Vauxhall Grandland X. Much better, happy to drive this for a couple of weeks. It's not as punchy but at least my wallet is being raped by the Juke's thirsty-wimpy engine and transit vans aren't overtaking me 24/7!

   on 1 April 2019

Update: Had my 2014 X5 back after 18 days. Better than I feared. I refused to return the 3 series I was given as a courtesy car from the dealer so not sure if this bumped me up the waiting list. So glad to be back in my own car.

Out of interest it went into limp mode the day I collected it but not since :s

Good luck

Susie50    on 5 April 2019

I’m experiencing all the same problems. Was given a Toyota CHR not a good substitute for a 420d coupe. I also paid £120 insurance waiver. Emailed customer services UK. No luck then I emailed CEO in Germany and copy to managing director in UK.
Amazing. BMW UK phoned me next day. Refunding the £120 and I’ve been upgraded to a 330d BMW from Enterprise. Result!,,

   on 9 April 2019

BMW has now had my 7 series parked out the back of their place awaiting parts on this recall for 5 weeks, I can no longer communicate with it over the remote app so am assuming the battery is now dead.. who will be responsible for that?

Jan WEbb    on 11 April 2019

I took my car in for the recall check on 9 April, only the day before did I get any warning they may need to keep the car, they left a message saying that a hire car would be provided. I had waited over a month to get the car in but now they have checked it it is too dangerous to drive and they won't let me have it back. After a lot of hassle I have got a hire car, a small manual car, not comparable to my automatic 3 litre estate! We are off on a family holiday next week and have to try and squeeze all the luggage into a teeny car, not to mention the kids! I am not looking forward to the trip to the airport.I am completely and utterly disgusted at the service and attitude of BMW, I have always loved my car but now I just feel depressed at the thought of how long I will have to wait to get it back.

Svi Singh    on 13 April 2019

So i have dropped my x5 on 4th April and they provided me manual 19 plate Hyundai Tucson but i was not comfortable driving manual and asked for auto and they replace the car with auto same car that i am happy. Only issue is after reading all comments over here i start realizing that i am not gonna get my car back soon. I have called them 2 days back and still they were waiting for the part. Finger crossed what will happen...i have easter holidays coming in ...lets see... they should manufactured parts before recalling these its a mess all around the world..

   on 15 April 2019

My 2014 420d m sport went in today after receiving a recall notice and guess what they confiscated it Did not have any idea they would take it off me until I got there this morning and been told it will be about 6 weeks before they get parts for it . The service to be fair was good arranged transport home and a hire car from enterprise but really not happy to have a Hyundai . Was told BMW wont give like for like so my expensive car is sitting in a compound with the tax and insurance ticking away and we are driving around in a Hyundai for 6 weeks not happy is an understatement

   on 16 April 2019


I have a similar issue. However, with a different twist.

I received the recall letter back in December. And contacted BMW to ask what needs to happen. They said shortage of parts. Now the car was due a service in Feb 19. THe car went in and I asked again, what the story was with the cooler parts. Said still on delay. Roll forward to April, car went in for MOT, and brakes. Again asked, and no view on parts. I then took the car away, and when I was down south I started having issues with the coolant light and smell of burning. So called BMW assist. They collected the car an hour later and recovered to another BMW dealer. My local BMW coincidently called an hour later stating that my EGR Cooler was now in stock. I then explained the car had been recovered. They asked for it to be recoverd to them which was 200 miles away. However, the dealer where the car went. Stated they would not release the car and that the car shouldnt have been on the road as it was part of the safety recall. After multiple calls, my local dealer then agreed to send the parts to the other dealership and fit it. But when I collected the car the service guy stated that he was advised not to discuss the issue. As in his opinion I was driving with a dangerous defect and he said I should be talking to BMW how my car was allowed to leave the local dealer. I have a 3 month son who was in the car over the last couple of months. Now, I am wondering surely if this was an issue, it wouldnt have passed MOT, or should have been released. Any thoughts be appreciated,


Tony Protts    on 17 April 2019

Hi, I was worried about delays having read all these threads. However I was well briefed by my dealer as to the time this could take and Enterprise provided a Jag as a loan car. Not as nice as my X5 but I would be cheeky to say it was not a'suitable' replacement. I chased on Monday, two weeks into the procedure and I got my car back today. Two weeks and two days. Yes I paid the Enterprise waiver, which I thought was cheeky, but I didn't want to get whacked by the Enterprise per incident £500 excess. I am sure it is sharp practice but I was too knackered to argue. I think I was lucky, the dealer had a sheet covered in purple lines, denoting all the cars they were still waiting on parts for, mostbway over the two weeks.

Mark Longhill    on 11 July 2019

11th July
Just taken my 520D touring in for checking. Car was impounded. Date for part to be available was unknown. New Insignia has been provided by Enterprise for indefinite period.
Does anyone know whether things have improved since earlier in the year, in terms of BMW supplying replacement EGRs? This is clearly a relatively long standing/known issue.

Johnny Carson    on 29 August 2019

29th August 2019

I saw mine (2013 520d) was leaking soot and BMW diagnosed the same in April 2019.
They accepted a booking for replacement on August 28th - but failed to confirm they had the parts on August 27th.

Calls from customers that dealerships don't want to field are now handled by a call-centre - effectively cutting communication lines with the dealership ... presumably due to the time and liability involved in dealing these calls for dealerships.

I think it can safely be assumed that those who refuse to accept a hire car and sign the dealership's disclaimer are placed behind customers who accept a dealership hire car, in the repair queue ... which at the current EGR-cooler production rate, probably means they'll probably wait several years before receiving a replacement.

And a wait of such length almost certainly guarantees a melted inlet manifold with the attendant risk of fire.

It'll need customers to bring a class action suit in order to force BMW to make the investment required to step up production to an acceptable rate.

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