Right-hand drive electric Hummer EV SUT on sale in UK

If your dreams of owning a new electric Hummer EV SUT pick-up have been shattered by the lack of right-hand drive, then salvation is at hand, thanks to an enterprising company in the UAE.

Global Conversions has completed testing of its first right-hand drive Hummer EV SUT conversion, and is now offering the package to those in right-hand drive markets including Australia, South Africa, India – and, of course, the UK.

The company has been in business for nearly eight decades. It has quite the back catalogue too, with other conversions including the Ford Bronco, Shelby F150 Super Snake and Chevrolet Camaro. Now it can add the electric Hummer pickup to its roster.

It’s not just any conversion, either. Global Conversions is ISO 9001 approved, which is a globally recognised standard for quality management. This means that high standards must be followed, or the inspectors which monitor this sort of stuff won’t be happy.

The Hummer EV SUT is available with several different batteries, and this one has the top-spec 350kW setup. Yes, 350kW, or more than three times the size of the huge battery in a top-spec BMW i5.

Despite its huge 4.5-tonne kerbweight, it still has a range of around 380 miles, while 1000hp gives 0-60mph acceleration in 3.0 seconds.

It has a ‘Crabwalk’ function too, where it can use the trio of electric motors to move… sideways.

If you want a right-hand drive Hummer EV SUT, you’re unlikely to get much change out of £250,000, but there’s no doubt you’ll make a statement.

And what of the remarkable new electric Hummer EV SUT pick-up itself? Naturally, it has a distinctively blocky and OTT exterior, complete with details such as 35-inch tyres. It measures more than 5.5 metres long and is nearly 2.2 metres wide.

The interior, however, is surprisingly plush, with dual large-format screens blending in with tactile-looking rims and posh upholstery. Global Conversions appears to have mirrored the same high standards of the original left-hand drive vehicles – maybe even better, thanks to hand-crafted care and attention.

The company says the first conversion, which involves reversing the interior layout with the help of 3D printing, took just 27 days. It says its expertise helps here – as does the fact it already had experience of working on the electric Hummer SUV.

Of course, it’s also had to reverse the steering layout, but this doesn’t appear to have presented any problems. Indeed, the firm says the speed of the conversion is evidence of its capabilities.

General manager Ajith Rodrigo says that, where possible, the company works with the manufacture directly on its conversions. Where it’s not able to purchase parts in this way, it works with industry suppliers to make parts that meet manufacturer standards, including using the same materials and blueprint-style drawings.