Skoda has created the ultimate electric camping car

Published 28 July 2022
  • Based on the versatile Skoda Enyaq iV electric car, this one-off prototype can sleep up to four people.
  • Fitted with a Czech-designed camping pod providing home comforts, clever storage and an optional double bed in the back of the car.
  • A high-end roof tent adds an extra double berth to the roof of the Enyaq.

Proving that electric cars can be just as versatile as petrol or diesel models, Skoda has created a one-off prototype of its popular Enyaq iV, which it says provides eco-conscious campers and festival goers with everything they need for a luxurious weekend away.

Dubbed the Skoda Enyaq iV FestEVal (EV as in 'electric vehicle', get it?), the show car features an innovative boot-based camping unit – made by Czech manufacturer, EGOE. The EGOE ‘box’ is one of the first of its size and fits neatly into the Enyaq iV’s 585-litre boot. It slides out of the boot and has an integrated gas cooker, collapsible sink with tap and hose, preparation area and ample storage all included within.

Even with the camping pod fitted, the Enyaq provides seating for five adults on the move. Once at the campsite, drop the rear seats and a double bed frame can be extended across the rear of the car. A roof tent pops up within a matter of minutes, says Skoda, providing extra accommodation for a further two adults.

The roof tent is accessed via a ladder that's stored in the tent box, while space-saving camping chairs and a table are squeezed into the boot.

Skoda -Enyaq -Fest EVal -(2)

While the brand hasn't provided range figures for the fully-loaded Skoda Enyaq iV FestEVal, it does say the streamlined roof tent won't interfere too much with the Enyaq IV's streamline credentials. We'll see – but it's sure to be more efficient than lugging a caravan.

Further highlights of the Skoda Enyaq iV's standard equipment will make life easier when camping – its eight-speaker sound system will provide evening entertainment, for example, while the car's in-built WiFi provides internet for up to eight devices.

It's not the first time electric cars have been pitched towards the camping fraternity. The new Kia Niro EV, for example, is available with a 'vehicle-to-device' feature which means you can use the high-voltage battery to provide power for, say, a camping kettle or pumping up an air bed.


Peter T Ackroyd    on 29 July 2022

Wonderful concepts! As usual, the questions start with costs.

Engineer Andy    on 29 July 2022

To house 4 people - you MUST be kidding! Most cars' roofs can only take loads of 75kg, which equates to a person weighing just under 12st. I'd hardly call it generally 'spacious' for sleeping either.

Not sure what it being an EV brings to the 'party' either, especially when gas camping stoves are included.

Bob Groves    on 29 July 2022

So, the roof rack has gone, how/where do I transport my surfboard ?
Robert Groves.

edlithgow    6 days ago

So, the roof rack has gone, how/where do I transport my surfboard ? Robert Groves.

Looks like it could be lashed under the roof rack, which there. If there is clearance, of course.

John Boy    5 days ago

Sleeping in the roof tent could be interesting in a strong wind!

Paul Jenkinz    yesterday

not many places you could use it its an offense to sleep on the roadside even in a layby(which is crazy) the only place you could use this is on a motorway service station to sleep in and they will charge you upwards of 30 pounds a night to sleep in the car park

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