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Suzuki Swift Sport mild-hybrid to start at a hefty £21,570

Published 03 June 2020

The 48V mild-hybrid Swift Sport, the only engine now offered with Suzuki's warm hatch, is priced at £21,570 - an increase on the £17,999 price tag of the outgoing model.

The launch of the 2020 Swift Sport headlines Suzuki's mild-hybrid line-up, which uses a 48V system alongside the 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol engine to improve fuel economy and lower tailpipe emissions. 

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The new hybrid powertrain is also available in the Vitara and S-Cross. Suzuki claims it offers up to 17 per cent lower CO2 emissions, a greater level of torque and 17 per cent overall improvement in WLTP Combined fuel consumption. 

The Swift Sport starts at £21,570 and prodices 128PS, a decrease of 12PS on the outgoing model, although it offers more torque (235Nm) because the mild-hybrid system helps to generate a higher level of torque lower in the rev range. Suzuki quotes a 9.1 seconds 0-62mph time and 50.1mpg fuel economy. 

The new system consists of a 48V lithium-ion battery, Integrated Starter Generator (known as ISG) and 48V-12V (DC/DC) converter to power things like the lights, audio and air conditioning. The ISG acts as both a generator and starter motor to assist the petrol engine during initial acceleration, and it can also idle the engine below 50mph using electric power from the motor - meaning it'll help you coast on the motorway.

The Suzuki Vitara and S-Cross are also available with the 1.4-litre mild-hybrid powertrain, with prices starting at a respective £21,749 for the Vitara and £20,749 for the S-Cross

The system puts out the same power in the Vitara and S-Cross. The Vitara gets a 0-62mph time of 9.5 seconds but official fuel economy rises significantly from 43.1mpg to 49.7mpg. CO2 emissions also fall from 146g/km to 128g/km. 

The hybrid S-Cross goes from 0 to 62mph in 9.5 seconds and WLTP fuel consumption figures increase from 40.6mpg to 50.1mpg. It emits 127g/km of CO2 - a substantial 30g/km improvement.

Swift Sport Interior (1)


gavsmit    on 4 June 2020

I like and respect Suzuki models. That's despite the Swift Sport being priced way too high for what it was when first launched, but a succession of obscenely priced supermini launches from other manufacturers since has conned people into thinking it now represents good value for money (before this much more expensive hybrid version came to light).

I can't see anything beneficial for customers from these changes that are just a fiddle to achieve emissions regulations. More to go wrong, slower, heavier and much more expensive - that the slightly increased mpg will never compensate for.

Such a shame.

BMW Enthusiast    on 5 June 2020

A totally ridiculous price for a car that’s cheaply mass produced in India.

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