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Volkswagen ID.3 electric car revealed

Published 09 September 2019

Volkswagen has revealed its new ID.3 electric car with a range of up to 342 miles and a price tag expected to start at around £27,000 when it arrives in the UK in 2020.

The ID.3 is similar to the Golf in size and will be the first of a range of electric cars from Volkswagen over the coming years. It's the first to use Volkswagen Group's new MEB electric vehicle platform, which will also underpin a number of upcoming models including the SEAT el-Born and Skoda Vision iV.

Initially, the ID.3 will be paired with a 58kWh battery capable of returning a WLTP-certified range of 260 miles. This'll be followed by a smaller 45kWh battery option with a range of 205 miles, and a larger 77kWh battery capable of covering 342 miles.

When connected to an adequate charger, the ID.3 will be able to charge at a rate of 100kW, giving it around 180 miles of range in around 30 minutes. Public chargers capable of providing electricity at this rate are currently being installed at sites across the UK.

Volkswagen -ID.3-(3)

Although UK prices are yet to be confirmed, Volkswagen says it'll start at less than €30,000 (around £26,000) in Germany. It also suggests it'll have a price tag in line with conventional petrol or diesel cars making it an 'electric car for the masses'.

While alternatively-fuelled vehicles from Volkswagen have been fairly conservative in their approach, there's no chance of mistaking the ID.3 for any other car in the range. Designed from the scratch as an electric car, there's no need for a front grille - so there isn't one.

There's a long wheelbase (the distance between the front and rear wheels) with short overhangs while, at the rear, a glass bootlid stretches across the width of the vehicle. Slim LED tail light clusters complete the look at the rear, while a large glass roof adds to the feeling of spaciousness inside.

The interior makes use of its electric vehicle design. There's no centre tunnel running through the floor of the cabin, while the long wheelbase means there's plenty of room for passengers. The boot is 385-litres, comparable to that of a Golf.

Volkswagen -ID.3-(2)

As you'd expect, there's plenty of technology including a 10-inch central touchscreen display on the dashboard, while an LED light strip used during navigation can, for example, prompt the driver to brake approaching a hazard. There's an optional augmented reality head-up display which projects information on the windscreen, too.

There aren't many switches, just those operating the electric windows and hazard warning lights. Drivers and passengers can also operate functions using voice control - the ID.3 responds to 'hello ID.3' voice commands.

The ID.3 will initially be launched as a special first edition model, available with three equipment lines. The basic ID.3 1st features navigation, a DAB radio, heated seats and steering wheel, front armrests, a Mode 2 charging cable and 18-inch alloy wheels.

The ID.3 1st Plus will add a rear-view camera system, adaptive cruise control and keyless access. It also gets upgraded seats, a centre console with two USB-C connections as well as ambient lighting. On the outside, it'll feature tinted windows, 19-inch alloys and matrix LED lights.

Volkswagen -ID.3-(4)

Top-spec ID.3 Max models feature the augmented reality head-up display as standard, as well as a Beats sound system, a large panoramic sunroof and 20-inch wheels. It also gets a lane-keeping assist, comfort seats, wireless phone charging and a level luggage compartment floor. 

When the ID.3 arrives in the UK, customers will be offered home wall box chargers at 'prices significantly under those common on the market'.

Volkswagen says it's already taken 30,000 reservations from across Europe for the ID.3, with customers in the UK able to place a refundable £750 deposit with dealers. This'll give them access to a priority ordering window early in 2020, with deliveries from mid-2020.


conman    on 9 September 2019

30,000 reservations already so no discounts yet then!!!! I'll stick with my old very economical car (70 mpg.) and save the world from all the pollution of building lithium batteries and new cars, also the cost of installing hundreds of thousands of car chargers around Europe and the world. Last month in the UK we experienced a major power cut, with these likely to increase as the electric companies are more interested in shareholder profits than increasing their electrical output. More demand means higher electric prices.

Silas Marner    on 10 September 2019

Wheels between 18 to 20 inches with correspondingly thin tyres? We'll need all those potholes filling, then, before I consider one.

gogabz    on 16 September 2019

I was interested when I read the near-sensible prices & more reasuring ranges, but then I got to "voice control"!! Is there going to be a Scottish version??!!

C'moan Volkswagen, geez a break.... & whit diz 'ID' stan fir, onywai?

NickNike    on 16 September 2019

Another electric vehicle to con the technically challenged.

Rob Pollock    on 17 September 2019

Another car where you have to look at the touch screen to change the temperature and fan settings - aaaagggghhhhhh! Bring back the good old dial that you can find and operate by touch, those touch screen things are terrible on our bumpy, pot-hole ridden roads with drivers pulling out in front of you etc. etc......

Paul Chapman    on 22 September 2019

I agree, I have change the temperature you need to switch from satnav or whatever and hold your finger on the temperature and let it go up or down a few degrees at a time, then repeat for the passenger side.

Technology over common sense.

Cornflakes    on 17 September 2019

This is unbelievable for tyre size, who in the world needs 20 inch or 19 inch ones on such a nice profiles, what is wrong with good old 16 inch quite tyres. I bet all these cars will be on run flats, yuck, and I was looking forward to the day when VW introduced a 350 mile electric car. I am out currently, keep to my VW Golf GTE electric.

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