Diesel power for Nissan's Murano SUV

Buyers of Nissan's Murano can can opt for a diesel for the first time.

Although it's been on sale in the UK since 2004 and is now in its second generation, there's never been a diesel option. Nissan has now put that right by putting a 2.5-litre four-cylinder engine with 190bhp under the bonnet.

The 2.5-litre four-cylinder engine has been totally revised with extensive changes designed to provide the perfect balance of performance and efficiency for the Murano. This is combined with a revised 6 speed automatic transmission providing Adaptive Shift Control for the optimum gear and helping to reduce CO2 emissions by 5.0g/km through lower transmission friction and Clear Neutral Control. It is now fully compliant with tough Euro5 emissions standards, and develops 11% more power and torque than before. The headline figures are 190PS and 450Nm at just 2,000rpm.

An all-important benefit of the new diesel unit is efficiency, and with 35.3mpg economy in the combined cycle and 210g/km CO2 emissions the Murano is more appealing than ever. This is helped by improved aerodynamics and a first ever on Murano, an electric power regeneration system.

Nissan's designers have also taken the opportunity to combine the need for cooling airflow to the diesel engine and radiators with a styling makeover for the Murano's front-end. A new grille and bumper design reinforce the striking looks that have long blended the dynamic pleasure of a sports car with the cabin comfort of an SUV.

Price start at £37,795 and orders are being taken now ready for the first deliveries in September.


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