Final MINI Clubman built in Oxford

Production of the new MINI Clubman has drawn to a close 55 years after the first one was built.

The original Mini Clubman was first revealed in 1969 and it was reborn as the BMW-backed MINI Clubman in 2007.

In total, around 1.1 million Clubman-branded models have been built, split broadly between the original model and the new one.

The end of the MINI Clubman comes as the MINI Plant Oxford factory gears up for a new range of cars – including the eventual arrival of the new MINI Aceman electric small SUV.

These will continue to use bodies built at the nearby MINI Swindon facility. The new model onslaught begins in the spring with the start of production of the new MINI Cooper.

Later this year, the new MINI Convertible begins production, while electric new MINI models will be made at Plant Oxford from 2026 – reversing an earlier decision not to make MINI EVs in the UK.

The first Mini Clubman was an evolution of the legendary 1959 Mini. It was launched in 1969, originally as a saloon, with the line-up including the Mini 1275 GT.

The first Mini Clubman Estate followed in 1970.  The original Mini Clubman was on sale for a decade, before being rationalised to just the single Mini 1000 HL Estate model.

Production ended in 1982 after around 600,000 Mini Clubman had been built – including just under 200,000 estates.

Following a 25-year hiatus, the new MINI Clubman arrived in 2007. It had signature split rear doors and, on the original, just a single ‘Clubdoor’ rear door.

Controversially, this was on the wrong side for UK passengers.

With the third-generation MINI in 2015, the MINI Clubman became a slightly more conventional family-style car, with dual rear doors.

The hinged tailgate remained though, effectively making it a ‘six-door’. Last year, a special MINI Clubman Final Edition was launched, with special features and badging. It was an edition limited to 1969 units, to reflect the launch year of the original.

"We are incredibly proud to have built the MINI Clubman over the last 18 years for customers all over the world," said MINI Plant Oxford and Swindon CEO Dr Markus Gruneisl.

Ask HJ

We want a rugged car that can cope with raised water levels, occasional snow falls, mud and two medium sized dogs?

We looking to change our MINI Cllubman. We live in a very rural farming area on the coast, liable to very wet, muddy poor roads. We would like car that is fairly rugged, can cope with raised water levels, occasional snow falls, mud and two medium sized dogs that like to get dirty and wet. It would also need to cope with the occasional long distance M6 journey and preferably be an automatic with AWD. We have thought about a Subaru XV, there is local Subaru dealer or a Renegade Jeep 4Xe but there are no local Jeep dealers within 90 miles. It would be used as our budget is around 22k. Any other suggestions?
A Subaru XV sounds like a good choice - it's a very dependable 4x4 that'll be able to cope with challenging rural road conditions. A Skoda Karoq would be a good alternative - perhaps not quite as robust as the Subaru, but with a plusher interior and it is available as a 4x4. Take a look at the Kia Sportage, too.
Answered by Andrew Brady
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