Geneva Motor Show 2015: Suzuki shows off iM-4 mini crossover

Published 04 March 2015

Suzuki, specialist in building a compact crossover decades before it was a trendy market segment, has hit the Geneva show with the iM-4 Concept. The company is calling it a “mini 4x4” that’s “rooted in the Suzuki 4x4 tradition,” hinting that this as a Jimny replacement.

The iM-4 eschews the current compact crossover ‘lifestyle’ narrative and instead is pitched as a simple, rugged, honest little off-roader – albeit one that uses a modern mild hybrid system in which lithium ion batteries accompany the motor to lower fuel consumption.

A proper 4x4 with mud-conquering credentials, the iM-4 is about the size of a Nissan Juke and has a design that’s distinctly retro, with a boxy vibe redolent of Suzuki’s output in the 1970s and ‘80s. But no soft top, sadly. The grille is inspired by sunglasses, says Suzuki, while the flared arches give it a wider stance than the average Japanese kei car.

A four-seater, Suzuki hasn’t given away any details on cabin space, nor its fuel efficiency figures. We do know that a 1.2-litre Dualjet petrol engine is under the bonnet though, and that the lithium ion batteries are recharged via regenerative braking.

No word on what this concept will eventually lead to, but don’t be surprised if it does indeed form the basis of a new Jimny in 2016. 

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EndlessWaves    on 3 March 2015

To me it looks more like an SX4 replacement, fitting in between the Jimny and S-Cross.

EDIT: Thinking about it, the Ignis they discontinued a few years ago was almost exactly the same car as this.

ianpark    on 5 March 2015

It's strange but quite appealing the C-pillar is a bit thick,my only question is that it's a bit too posh looking to be a Jimny replacement Here in Exmoor the Jimny is a popular choice for rural motorists who need a lightweight .no-nonsense 4x4, the ground clearance on this doesn't look too great either and those alloys and fog lights won't stay in pristine condition for long if they're used like the average Jimny. I'd reckon that this is more likely a running mate or replacement for the Swift which would probably sit better in the Suzuki line up giving them another SUV beneath the new Vitara, giving the company four 4x4's with engines under 1600cc

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