Geneva Motor Show 2012: Infiniti shows off its Emerg-e electric car

Infiniti has unveiled its sports car concept - called the Emerg-e. As the stray 'e' on the end of the name suggests, the concept is an electric car and uses an advanced power system with zero emissions.

The Infiniti Emerg-e will be the first car from the Japanese brand to have a range-extender drivetrain designed to offer strong performance with zero emissions capability. The motor will also one mounted in the middle of the car for optimal handling. Infiniti currently builds a hybrid car - the M35h - but the rest of the range has standard petrol or diesel engines.

The Emerg-e has 402bhp and can hit 60mph in four seconds, with 130mph possible in just 30 seconds, with no gear changes. Despite this impressive performance, emissions are just 55g/km on the combined cycle.

Infiniti says the new car will 'minimise the traditional compromise between performance and sustainable mobility.'

Infiniti Emerg -e

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