You shouldn't buy a car this's why

Published 15 August 2018

Most of the DVLA's services will be unavailable this weekend (Friday 17 August until Monday 20 August), making it impossible to tax a car or van...

Due to 'essential systems maintenance', the DVLA says most of its services (including the contact centre) will be unavailable from 3pm on Friday 17 August until 6am on Monday 20 August (8am for the contact centre). 

This means used car buyers will not be able to tax a vehicle online, by phone or at the Post Office. Rule changes in 2014 ended the process of VED transfers, which means used car buyers cannot use the previous owner’s road tax.

If you buy a car during this weekend you won’t be able to tax it (and therefore drive it) until 6am on Monday 20 August, without risking a £1000 fine.

Not all services are affected and you’ll still be able to view and share your driving licence details. To avoid any disappointment it’s best to generate a check code now as the codes are valid for 21 days.

You can also renew your 10 year photocard driving licence at the Post Office.


Palcouk    on 17 August 2018

With the increasing use of on-line Gov processes, even if a 99% guarenteed uptime that leaves about 4 days in any year, will this be taken into consideration if something is not filed within a statutory period? Probably not

Gordon Ennis    on 18 August 2018

This whole concept of our non ability to transfer VED to a new owner should be stopped. The excise mob are ripping us motorists off for millions. I sold my car on 1-4-18 which was a bank holiday weekend and could not contact the DVLA on line or any other way. I pay my tax monthly by D/D and as such was charged for April in full and the new owner also paid for April. I complained to the VED mob and they just told me there would be no refund. Pure daylight robbery ! Why should we have to put up with such shoddy treatment from our faceless bureaucracy ?!!

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