Urgent Appeal to Owners of Older Ford 1.0 Ecoboost Engines

Published 28 August 2018

On Ford 1.0 Ecoboost engines from 2012 to 2014 there is a weakness in the ‘degas’ pipe between the turbocharger and expansion tank that can lead to the engine losing coolant, overheating and potential engine failure.

Ford Focus 1.0 Ecoboost Modified Degas Pipe (1)

Where the cars have been regularly serviced by Ford dealers, these pipes have been modified to remove the weakness. Ford dealers have contacted known owners and asked them to bring their cars in. The modified, thicker pipe is as shown in the photo above.

Ford Focus 1.0 Ecoboost Original Degas Pipe (1)

However, where the cars have been bought second-hand or do not have a full Ford franchised dealer service history, the pipe may not have been modified and looks as above in the second and lead photo.

If you run a 2012-2014 Ford Focus, C-Max, Connect, EcoSport or Fiesta with the 1.0 Ecoboost engine, first check what the degas pipe looks like and if looks like the relatively thin pipe in the second photo you should urgently book the car in to a franchised Ford dealer to be fitted with the modified coolant ‘degas’ pipe.

Ford Focus 1.0 Ecoboost Production Modified Degas Pipe (1)

If your engine looks like the third photo there is no need to worry. This shows the production modified coolant ‘degas’ pipe fitted from late 2014.


   on 30 August 2018

This also applies to Fiesta ST (amongst other models) of the same vintage with 1.6 ecoboost.

Recall letters have been sent out (I received mine yesterday).

fiona stevenson    on 9 January 2019

'Ford rectified this situation on 1-10-2018.' Obviously not as my car is in the garage awaiting a new engine at this present time. I booked it in for its routine winter check on 6th December and have been waiting for my car to be returned to me ever since (five weeks and counting). This situation has been badly managed by The Ford Motor Company. Incidentally no recall notice was sent.

   on 14 August 2019

Any chance of updating the photos to highlight (in red) the 'wrong' pipe?? There's at least 15 pipes in each photo, and I've no idea which one is the 'degas' pipe! As it stands the photos are completely unhelpful.

   on 4 October 2019

I have recently found out that my car has this problem and not received any recall notice so I now have to get in touch with ford to see what is going to be done.

Well what can I say here is my update contacted ford customer care was told I had to speak with a dealer so I did and can't look at our car until the 23rd October for them to run a diagnos ticon the car at a cost of £114 which I will refuse to pay it seems to me that ford on a whole don't really care about their customers. Because seeing some of other people's stories of total engine failure and in some cases catching fire. So now we have to wait over 2 weeks for them to run the diagnostic and then possibly wait again for any repairs. Also I did ask for a car to use while they had mine and the answer was now we have none left ??????

Tahir khan    on 23 October 2019

At trustford erdington, noticed new degas hose leaking, expansion tank all but empty. new hose under recall fitted around 3 yrs ago. Apparently their is a newer hose since recall but no recall for it. Caught it early so no overheating or engine failure this time. Trustford replacing for free and checking engine. Leak on thinner hose after hose splits in to two hoses

Ken Mather    on 13 July 2020

My Fiesta Ecoboost One litre is said to need the new degas pipe by my local garage,who service the car, so I referred to Bristol Street Motors, my local main dealer, who told me the car isn't listed. I later contacted Ford , where an online helper also told me the car isn't listed, suggesting that a previous owner might have had it changed, but it hasn't, and the car, bought as a demo from the previous main dealer, is a May 2013 registration and fits the recall profile completely. Any suggestions ?

Barry Wade    on 7 November 2020

we have a ford focus that has been having coolant issues for 2 years, Ford Gates at Harlow quoted £800 for a new water pump saying it was leaking, it was actually degas pipe costing only £30, so that was changed, then after that the matrix had to be changed, then the expansion bottle, now the oil warning light is staying on, so now it is at Ford Gates they are saying no coolant issues only low oil pressure and ne3eds a new engine they are therefore refusing to cover under goodwill compensation even though they know of the issues with these engines

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