VIDEO: new Jaguar F-Pace review

Published 07 July 2017

Jaguar has finally caved in to market pressure and made a massive SUV. The company has of course tried to imbue it with all the qualities that are supposed to make a Jaguar great. 

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anogginthenog    on 7 July 2017

I have driven several examples of the F-Pace. This review gets the main things right. The 2-litre diesel makes for a sluggish car. The ride is a lot worse than one gets on the Jaguar saloons. As with most cars that have an aluminium structure, there is noise and harshness.

However, I have also been driven in an F-Pace on a rough rally course on loose-surfaced roads through forests by a professional driver who was not a Jaguar employee. In that situation the car is astonishing: it is as fast as a World Rally Championship car from a decade ago. As usual Jaguar's chassis engineers have done a remarkable job - but this time it is not one that 99% of buyers will ever encounter. They are getting a depth of rally-like ability they can never use, while not getting the decent engine and ride they could do with every day.

If the 3-litre petrol and diesel versions were available with more ordinary trim levels at a reasonable price, one of the problems at least (the mediocre engine) would be solved.

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