VIDEO: What's so good about the... Jaguar F-Type SVR?

Published 31 March 2017

Jaguar takes making very fast cars very seriously these days - so seriously that it's recently setup a special department specifically for that purpose. The latest fruit of that department is the Jaguar F-Type SVR, a £100,000+ British muscle car with more horsepower than any road-going Jaguar ever. And more noise. 

Here's the video, and it's something a little different to what we normally do. We hope you enjoy it.  


Jon Hunton    on 2 April 2017

HJ and Co.

Absolutely love the Jag F-Type SVR vid. A brilliant car with spirit and style. Reviewed in British 'off-beat' fashion. Fantastic.


Jon ('17 XF R Sport.....only 180ps....maybe one day!)

NickNike    on 3 April 2017

115 grand for a noisy, boy-racer machine. Is there some point to this, when the roads are littered with other vehicles, and full of pot holes. Last great car they made was the 'E' type.
Are there many safety features? I didn't hear about any.
Not impressed.

MarkNichol    on 3 April 2017

Thanks very much Jon - really appreciate the positive feedback.

RafflesNH    on 17 May 2017

Engaging review, as always Mr Nicol, except for those perishingly inconsistent sound levels! Why?

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