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VIDEO: What's so good about the...SEAT Ateca?

Published 06 February 2017

The SEAT Ateca has come very late to the crossover party...whatever a crossover party looks like. Probably like an SUV youth club disco.

Anyway, here's a video review about the Ateca. We like SEAT's crossover very much - but only when it comes with a reasonable price tag, which isn't always the case. Hit play below to get the full story. 


Alex CLOUGH    on 7 February 2017

but my god what a dull looking cabin

Bilboman    on 8 February 2017

SEAT = seh-att, NOT see-att. Come on, make an effort, it's not that hard. It's not as though anyone's asking you to pronounce Ibiza or Fuengirola...

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