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Short-Term Additional Driver Insurance From £3

Published 01 February 2017

With police massively cracking down on uninsured drivers, no one can afford to take the risk. 

This is a particular problem for anyone selling a car privately. Most private car insurance policies no longer cover a policyholder to drive other insured cars. That means any potential buyer who wants to test-drive your car probably won't be insured.

So, for that reason (and for many other reasons) Admiral has come up with a means of obtaining immediate insurance cover from £3 for an hour (more typically from around £5 an hour).

Simply contact www.admiral.com/car-insurance/car-sharing on a Smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC and short-term insurance cover can usually be arranged immediately, for any period from one hour to 30 days. 

Admiral ran a comparative quote for short-term insurance for a 22 year old female from Cardiff, with a full UK manual licence, driving someone else's already insured 2010 Chevrolet Spark.



4 hrs


24 hrs

36 hrs


Admiral CSI





















The minimum period for cover with Dayinsure is 24 hours. Cuvva only provides insurance for 1,2,3,4 or 24 hours but not for 6, 8 or 10 hours. Drivers who require cover for between 4 and 24 hours from Cuvva would have to pay for a whole day.

People using Admiral Car Sharing Insurance can get cover for a car owned by any friend, colleague or family member. Not merely for buying a car, but also for borrowing a car, for taking over the driving on a long trip, even for becoming a 'designated driver' to take people home from a social event.

If they have an accident while driving the car, the car owner’s no claims bonus will not be affected. They will also get a courtesy car while their car is in for repairs, so shouldn’t be too inconvenienced should the worst happen.

The person borrowing the car can also build up their own no claims bonus when they use Admiral Car Sharing Insurance. Anyone who insures a car for thirty days or more without making a claim, will get a no claims bonus valid for use on future Car Sharing Insurance policies. If they remain claim free for a 12 month period, they will get one year’s introductory no claims bonus, valid on any Admiral Group car insurance product.

Admiral covers drivers aged 18 and older, meaning students returning home for the holidays can get insured to drive Mum or Dad’s car.  

About Admiral Car Sharing Insurance:

  • The car must already be insured on its own policy, Car Sharing Insurance is specifically for the person borrowing the car
  • That person must also be aged 18 or older and there is a £750 excess if they should have an accident
  • The owner of the car can’t make a profit from someone borrowing the car. However they can take money for any fuel used
  • Annoyingly, if you want to put someone on cover between 10.00am and 4.00pm, you have to buy a full day's cover.


Chris James    on 4 February 2017

It's not really a fair, like for like comparison to compare this watered down offering from Admiral with a proper temporary insurance policy from the likes of Dayinsure etc. With a policy from them, and indeed most other temporary insurance you can drive a car regardless of whether it has its own insurance policy or not, so useful for collecting and driving back a car which has just been purchased, or test driving a car privately where the owner may have already cancelled their policy, the Admiral policy WILL NOT cover you in those situations, but you get what you pay for. Its also not clear whether you will be covered under the Admiral policy, if you borrowed a car to drive to work - i.e commuting. I think that this needs to be highlighted

I think that the point that the car needs to be insured in its own right is critical enough to be highlighted in bold text within the article itself and not put in the small bullet points like an afterthought!. Its not only important to do this in order to make the consumer fully aware that the Admiral policy is not as comprehensive in relation to the what is covered as their competitors' policies, but the comparison used may lead people to believe that they are getting exactly the same level of cover from Admiral as they get from Dayinsure, a mistake which could very well end up landing them with 6 points, a fine and hugely increased insurance premiums, for driving with no insurance.

In the past, i've used temporary insurance on my old car to bridge a gap where cover has been moved to a newly purchased vehicle until I can sell the old one, and it comes as no surprise that the Admiral offering doesn't cover that aspect either.

So yes, the Admiral policy is fine if you just want to borrow an already insured car for a few hours, but not much good if you need to cover any of the other many uses of Temporary insurance, and the commuting aspect is still a mystery.

Edited by Chris James on 04/02/2017 at 15:48

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