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Sky to Dump 'Wheeler Dealers'

Published 28 January 2017

There is a hot rumour that from 31st January Sky will stop streaming Discovery channel and all our favourite American motoring shows.

These include 'Wheeler Dealers', 'Fast 'n Loud', 'Street Outlaws', 'Bitchin' Rides', 'Misfit Garage' - almost everything worth watching and the sole reason why most of us petrolheads subscribe to SKY or Virgin. 

Social media has been lit up with thousands upon thousands of messages of support. See#KeepDiscovery for the overwhelming response for Sky to keep Discovery. Here’s the promo for Discovery that is running on air and online; https://youtu.be/jrpjvZSjH6U.

If a deal can’t be reached, all of your favourite American motoring programmes will vanish from Sky and NOW TV forever. 

Update LONDON 31 January 2017: Happily, a new deal has been agreed between Discovery and Sky that means Discovery’s portfolio of 12 channels will continue to be available on Sky and Discovery Channel will continue to be available on NOW TV in the UK after 31st January 2017 (presumably Virgin and BT as well).  

Discovery’s portfolio in the UK includes:  Discovery Channel, Eurosport 1, Eurosport 2, TLC, Animal Planet, Investigation Discovery, Discovery History, Discovery Shed, Home and Health, DMAX, Discovery Science and Discovery Turbo.


RafflesNH    on 28 January 2017

Just for the sake of clarity, Virgin have said they are not losing these channels.


Andrew Sheehan    on 28 January 2017

All TV has to pay discovery channel as Sky is the first to renagoiate a new deal virgin and bt to follow 1 billion Discovery are charging better to invest in home grown talant, Discovery loosing 6 million viewers van they afford to loose the advertising revenue .

Tenchman7    on 28 January 2017

Perhaps Car SOS with Fuzz Townsend and Tim Shaw has taken over the new mantle!! Great fun to watch but i do wonder about that Tim guy being all the ticket?

Chris C    on 28 January 2017

More than a rumour. Discovery (13 channels - not just Discovery branded) claim Sky is paying them less than 10 years ago. Meanwhile Sky keeps jacking its prices up... I'm switching to Freesat if this goes ahead...

Andrew walsh    on 29 January 2017

Had a conversation with somebody at sky's call centre telling me iam not allowed too cancel my subscription as iam into a 2 month old new contract. As I said too the lady at sky if I had known they were going too lose nearly every single channel that I have sky for I wouldn't of signed up for a further year and if I leave sky I was told iam in breech of my contract. Is there anyone out there who could offer some free legal advice . As I think its sky that are in breech of the contract as they have known for sometime that they were having serious problems resolving this issue with discovery. I was told by sky that in there contract they have the right too withdraw channels my be so but 13 of them ..,!!!!

Graham Thubron    on 31 January 2017

Check out Martin Lewis Money saving expert website. Interesting piece on terms and conditions and how you can easily cancel your subscription.

Cuke    on 29 January 2017

Who cares really, Discovery have shot themselves in the foot for charging too much for a substandard service. There are loads of lies going around about this but the facts are Discovery want too much www.sky.com/discoveringmore It's shame to lose Eurosport but once they lost Motogp that was it..

Sulphur Man    on 30 January 2017

Worth noting that Eurosport are the chief broadcaster of the Tour De France, featuring Sky's all conquering Team Sky cycle team.

Edited by Sulphur Man on 30/01/2017 at 11:40

jenoseel    on 30 January 2017

The bard

BT TV has the Discovery channel, Freeview and a lot of extra channels. Great value.

TTToommy    on 4 February 2017

want to update the story - there was a last minute agreement between sky and discovery so Carry on as you were

A P Sibbons    on 6 February 2017

Why don't the producers just make this series into a DIY programme with the excellent mechanic Edd China?

Mike Brewer is by-and-large a waste-of-time Spiv and Schpieler.

Geoff Rothon    on 4 March 2017

Car SOS is the real deal. Wheeler Dealers are crap and very amateur and back street cowboyish compared to them. Stopped watching Wheeler Dealers when they did the DS on there. They did something that was physically impossible on a DS. I should know, I restored them for over 40 years!!

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