Video: Top five new cars for less than £100 per month

Published 01 September 2016

The new 66 registration plate is available now, meaning it’s an especially good time to start looking for a new car. For a start, the manufacturers are all trying to outdo each other with the best deals possible on brand new models – even more so than usual.

Plus, it’s just nice to drive around in something on a brand new plate for a bit isn’t it.

So, if you’re looking for a great deal you could start by watching our latest top five video. We’ve picked out five small cars that are all available for less than £100 per month on a personal contract purchase (PCP) deal.

There are other ways of financing a car, of course, and dealerships will often better the deals available officially from a manufacturer – but these offers are a good place to start. See the full top ten here. 

We’ve also scoured the manufacturer offers for some of the best 66-plate deals of cars spanning the full spectrum of types and sizes. Check out the ten best deals by clicking here.

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