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DVLA revenues have fallen £93m since paper tax discs abandoned

Published 21 July 2016

The DVLA has reported a fall in revenues of £93m – down to 5.93bn in March 2016 versus 6.023bn in March 2015. That’s £13m less than government estimates.

The RAC has suggested that the additional £13m in lost revenue could be down to increased tax evasion resulting from paper tax discs being abandoned in favour of a fully electronic system.

“While there are several factors which may have adversely contributed to a reduction in revenue including unfamiliarity with the new system and greater numbers of ‘cheaper to tax’ low carbon emission vehicles being taxed, we need to fully understand how great a part evasion plays.” Said Simon Williams, RAC spokesman.

“We therefore urge the Department for Transport to carry out another roadside survey of unlicensed vehicles this year to fully assess the untaxed vehicle situation. If this were to find that the number of untaxed vehicles is still at the same rate as when the last survey was conducted or, worse still, has increased, then action needs to be taken urgently to counter this.”



Gasman.....    on 12 August 2016

Was always a stupid idea, doing away with the tax disc, and altering how vehicles are able to carry tax forward. The old system made buying a car much easier....

bigglesabroad    on 8 July 2017

For everyone annoyed by untaxed (and probably uninsured) vehicles on the country's roads there is an app that will help them take action personally. 'Reg Check Free' (Playstore) is an app that compares the vehicle registration with the DVLA database. If you find the vehicle is not taxed then the app includes a very useful facility for you to report the offending vehicle directly to the DVLA website.
In 2017 DVLA appears to have taken some action on VED (car tax) evasion by contracting NSL as their enforcement arm. This has resulted in a blitz approach to some areas of the country where untaxed vehicles are clamped or taken away. NSL have made some mistakes such as in Northampton where they removed ten untaxed cars from private parking areas and then had to return them to the owners.
'Reg Check Free' could make a lot of difference by the public dobbing in those untaxed vehicles to DVLA so that NSL knows where to go a clamping.

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