April fool’s day round-up 2016

Every year, on April 1, car makers get creative with their press releases, coming up with new and ludicrous ways of fooling the press and, consequently, the public. But we can tell the difference between a real-life Tesla Model 3 and a not real MINI Hipster Hatch…

Here’s a round-up of the best of 2016. Click through the gallery below to see our favourites. 

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Honda Emoji number plates

Honda has announced “plans to introduce emoji registration plates for car buyers in the UK.” Since emoji, like Honda, originate in Japan, this is quite a fitting April fool’s joke. Imagine trying to read your details off to get an insurance quote? “Yes, it’s a 2017 model, registration OV17 Unicorn Aubergine Angry Face.”

The quote on Honda’s press release is attributed to Shigatsu Baka, which, rather subtly, means April Fool in Japanese. Clever stuff, Honda. He apparently said: “At Honda, we believe in innovation – and this concept is sure to be well-received by younger consumers for whom emojis are such a popular way of communicating.”


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