Whiplash claims waste ‘close to a million’ hours of GPs time each year

Published 13 February 2015

According to Liverpool Victoria (LV), doctors across the UK examine 116,000 people each month who they suspect of exaggerating an injury in order to claim compensation. What's more, around half of doctors questions said they felt pressured to diagnose whiplash, despite there being little sign of injury.

LV says the UK sees more claims for whiplash per car accident than any other Western European country, despite legislation being introduced to curb the number of false claims. Eight in every ten accidents where one driver admits liability will lead on to a whiplash claim (78 per cent), versus 35 per cent in the Netherlands and 30 per cent in France.

In order to reduce the number of fraudulent claims the UK Government is introducing a medical reporting panel called MedCo. From 1 April, anyone who wants to submit a whiplash compensation claim will have to get a medical report from a MedCo certified doctor.

"Fraudsters are trying new tactics to beat the system and claim compensation they are not entitled to." 

Martin Milliner, LV Claims Director, said: “Verifying personal injury claims takes up a lot of time and places unnecessary pressure on our already stretched health service. The cost of dealing with fraudulent claims not only pushes up the cost of car insurance for honest motorists but it also hurts the public purse.

“While insurers, working with government, have made good progress in the crackdown on fraud, it appears that fraudsters are trying new tactics to beat the system and claim compensation they are not entitled to.

"Those tempted to make a claim when they do not have an injury should think again as making a fraudulent claim could lead to a hefty fine or prison sentence.”


Michelle Hughes    on 5 March 2015

I’m not surprised, after I’d had a bump it was the insurance
claim team who put me through to a solicitor, I didn’t mention compensation, they did! For those who really have been injured it’s only right and fair they should be able to claim whiplash
compensation. When you see the maximum compensation amounts of up to £119,900 for a severe neck injury it's not surprising! http://www.wrighthassall.co.uk...

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