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Surge in Demand for SUVs (for obvious reasons)

Published 22 January 2015

Due to present weather conditions, a surge in demand for SUVs is reported by Motors.co.uk, but increasingly fewer SUVs are four wheel drive so won't necessarily help.

Comparing search volume across the weekend of 17th and 18th January to the previous weekend, SUV search impressions experienced a lift of 35%, with the strongest regions unsurprisingly being Scotland, North East England and the Midlands.

The Nissan Qashqai held top spot for demand, retaining almost double the interest of any competitor. Runner-up, the Land Rover Freelander, was up 38%, while its stable mates, the Range Rover Sport (+49%) and Range Rover Evoque (+66%), also gained significant ground on the back of the inclement weather.

The top three positions in search growth, however, went to the Mazda CX5, with demand more than doubling at +108%, the Mitsubishi Outlander (+75%) and the Dacia Duster (+69%).

But what's interesting is that the top 20 most searched SUVs on Motors.co.uk are not necessarily four wheel drive. So only fitting approprate cold weather tyres will make them any better in slippery conditions than conventional hatchbacks:

1. Nissan Qashqai - mostly 2WD

2. Land Rover Freelander - many 2WD because rear diffs fail

3. Honda CR-V - mostly part-time 4WD

4. Land Rover Discovery - all 4WD

5. Toyota RAV-4 - mostly 4WD

6. BMW X5 - mostly 4WD

7. Land Rover Range Rover Sport - all 4WD

8. Ford Kuga - mostly 2WD

9. Land Rover Range Rover - all 4WD

10 KIA Sportage - mostly 2WD

11. Volkswagen Tiguan - mostly 2WD

12. Land Rover Range Rover Evoque - mostly 2WD

13. Mercedes-Benz M-Class - all 4WD

14. Nissan X-Trail - mostly 4WD

15. BMW X3 - mostly 4WD

16. Suzuki Grand Vitara - all 4WD

17. Hyundai ix35 - mostly 2WD

18. Volvo XC60 - mostly 2WD

19. KIA Sorento - all 4WD

20. Volvo XC90 - all 4WD

For more information, please visit: http://www.motors.co.uk


TTToommy    on 22 January 2015

A bit nerdy to point out but 4wd will give you more traction but not more grip, for that you'll need all season or even winter tyres.(after all, think about it you disbelievers :) what use is 4wd when braking for instance) As someone who lived in Geneva I have proof - british 4x4 drivers with their sporty,up specced low profiled alloys were a joke, wheels spinning at the bottom of the hill to the ski slopes whilst granny in her peugot 205 or renault 5 with winter tyres whizzed past

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