VIDEO: Driver incriminates himself with dashcam

Published 10 November 2014

We often hear about how useful dash cameras are at capturing who was at fault in a collision, but the driver in this video probably wishes he didn't have one installed. In the video below the camera records a driver in rainy conditions without his windscreen wipers turned on. 

When a car crosses in front of him the lack of visibility leads to a collision - after which the driver immediately realises his mistake and activates the wipers. However the dash camera records the whole event - proving the driver's negligence and fault to insurers. 

SmartWitness managing director Simon Marsh said: "If it wasn't for the presence of the camera it would have been impossible to prove his negligence because no one would have noticed that he had not switched on his wipers before the collision. Even if you had noticed, how would you prove it without the footage?”


Dark    on 10 November 2014

He didn't need to switch on the wipers. The wind screen was clear !
The idiot turning across the traffic was at fault.


michael powell    on 11 November 2014

I suppose he didn't have his lights on or seat belt fitted either because it was the other guys fault. Wipers are there for a purpose. The screen needed clearing and just a little sweep could have made all the difference. Just because somebody swings across your path doesn't mean you shouldn't drive with full attention and with the ability to take swift avoiding action.

TheFiddler    on 11 November 2014

Aye, usual crap from a company that sells car cams!

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