Mercedes-Benz recalls new C-Class over steering fault

Published 17 October 2014

Mercedes-Benz has issued a recall for the new C-Class over a potential steering fault. The C-Class recall will affect more than 8000 cars, built between 17 January and 22 September 2014.

The fault is thought to relate to the steering column coupling lock, which may not have been installed correctly at the factory. Owners of affected models will be contacted by their local dealer for a free inspection and Mercedes-Benz has said any correctional work will be carried out under warranty.

The problem, which could cause steering wheels to squeak, was initially noticed in September in two vehicles in Europe. The recall affects 28,500 models in Germany as well as more than 10,500 vehicles in the USA.

A Mercedes-Benz spokesperson said the automaker was not aware of any accidents or injuries related to the production glitch and the problem should not impact the car's steering in any way.


Robin Chatterjee    on 20 October 2014

This shocking news as Mercedes Benz is a high quality car possibly the best in the range of models in the field. Very long time ago I was trained in Germany with Daimler Benz( the parent company) and it was instilled in me that "we here in Daimler Benz do not look for 100% but 120% quality control". In fact the manager of the training centre used to remind us all every day of that motto by saying "remember 120". So this comes as a shock.

Hydeee    on 27 October 2014

Is this on the 2014 only models ?

I ask as I have put a deposit on a C class 2010.

Thank you (in advance)

Naveditor    on 15 December 2014

I do wish the 'media' would stop misusing the word 'impact', especially in this context.....
They really mean 'affect' in that it would not have an effect on the steering.
An impact occurs when two bodies of non-specific dimensions/mass collide.
Pip! Pip!

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