Thirty per cent of school run cars have illegal tyres

Published 20 August 2014

According to a survey at a primary school in Shropshire, 30 per cent of cars dropping off children had illegal tyres. TyreSafe, a road safety organisation, conducted the research and is campaigning for parents to check the tyres on their school run cars.

“The start of the new academic year means that we will be experiencing many more cars on the roads, particularly at peak times of the day,” comments Stuart Jackson, chairman, TyreSafe. “Many of these cars may be used less frequently so it’s essential that their tyres are checked to ensure that they are roadworthy and legal so that the precious load is transported in a safe manner.”

TyreSafe recommends that owners check their tyre pressures, comparing them with the manufacturer recommended pressures printed in the manual. These can also be found inside the fuel filler cap or printed on the door sills of some cars.

Tread depths should also be checked. The legal minimum tread depth is 1.6mm around the central three quarters of the tyre and around its entire circumference – though many tyre manufacturers recommend changing at 3mm. Finally the general condition of the tyre should be checked for lumps, cuts foreign objects and bulges.

“…Of course, this isn’t just a one time job; it’s something that we all should be doing on an ongoing basis at least once a month.” Concluded Jackson.


Ben    on 22 August 2014

Road safety is so tied up in the Speed Kills message and forcing us all to drive ever more slowly with automatic enforcement, because staying below a certain speed apparently makes all the hazards magically disappear, that people forget basics like checking the road worthiness of their cars. They're too busy criticising others to look to themselves.

People think checking tyres and bulbs and oil levels is something someone else can do on the very rare occasions the car is ever serviced. As long as the car stops and goes and just about fulfills its basic function they don't ever think about looking after it and making sure it's truly safe to use. After all, if you stay below that number on the stick you must be safe.

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