Dashcam Catches Red Light Crash

Published 06 February 2014

Once again a Smartwitness in car camera caught the moment another driver jumped a red light and smashed into the side of a £30,000 VW Tiguan, launching it into a spin and causing £5,000 of damage.

The silver Skoda Octavia smashed straight into John Brown's £30,000 Volkswagen Tiguan, shunting it 90-degrees to the side.

Luckily, John had fitted a SmartWitness accident camera to his VW and the entire collision was caught on camera.

Police were quickly called to the crash scene and when told about the SmartWitness in-car camera requested that a copy of the video recording be produced as evidence.

When they saw the vehicle CCTV they said it was clearly proof of careless driving against the Skoda driver.

The Skoda driver, a Russian national who was fully insured, was subsequently prosecuted for driving without due care and attention in court in Glasgow where the crsh occurred.

Ironically dashcams are a standard feature in Russian cars because comprehensive insurance is almost impossible to obtain due to the universally terrible standard of driving there.

John, 57, a former IT business analyst, was thankful he had invested in the high-tech camera - and had irrefutable proof of who was to blame, not only of the crash itself, but also the time and the GPS location, all recorded on the SD cars.

He said: "Obviously I knew that I had done nothing wrong but it was good to view the footage later and see that I had been driving responsibly, within the speed limit and could be seen clearly going through a green light."

"The other driver hit me at between 20mph and 25mph miles an hour. It was a quite a big impact because my VW was shunted around by 90-degrees."  

He said: "The footage caught on the camera was excellent. The images were clear and showed exactly who was to blame."

SmartWitness cameras have long been widely used by hauliers and fleet > managers to slash insurance premiums and guard against bogus insurance claims. > Tristar Worldwide, a chauffeuring company based in Middlesex, saved > £60,000 a year on its insurance after fitting SmartWit

SmartWitness prices start at £149 for the standard edition going up to £239 for the professional edition. SmartWitness cameras are approved by Transport for London.

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