Video: Ford’s self parking car

Published 09 October 2013

Ford has revealed its latest technological advance – a car that can park itself. Parking assistance systems, while typically installed in more luxurious models, are no new thing – but while they require you to control the throttle and brake the new Ford system doesn’t. In fact it doesn’t even require you to be in the car at all – you can set it going with a button on the keyfob.

It’s not currently available to buy, but Ford has produced a prototype that can select the correct gear, find a parking space, reverse into it and stop. Additionally, should you return to the car and find it impossible to get into the driver’s seat care of someone parking too close the car will drive forwards on its own so you can get in.

The technology is still in its early stages and getting it into production will doubtless be fraught with issues – it might well be tricky to convince safety legislators and insurance bigwigs to let self driving cars loose. Nonetheless the video below shows that it does work in theory and in testing, so it could well make production in coming years.


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