Next MINI to come with head-up display

Published 11 October 2013

MINI has revealed that the next generation MINI hatchback, due to be launched next year, will come with a range of new driver assist system including a head-up display option. It will mean the MINI is the first small car to have such a feature.

As BMW was one of the first manufacturers to offer head-up display it's no surprise to see it featuring on the new MINI, however it's a cheaper version which uses a small flip-up perspex screen rather than projecting the information onto the windscreen. Peugeot uses a similar design on models like the 3008.

It's designed to display useful information into the driver's line of vision such as speed, navigation instructions, cruise control and road sign recognition. It can be a useful tool as it means you don't have to take your eyes off the road. It's will be available as an optional extra and should cost around £300.

The MINI will also come with adaptive cruise control and a digital headlight assist function which switches between main and dipped beam automatically by detecting oncoming traffic and vehicles in front. Other system will include collision warning and pedestrian warning systems, including a city braking function. There's also the MINI parking assist feature and a reversing camera.


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