World's Most Dangerous Roads Back With a Vengeance

Following the success of last year's World's Most Dangerous Roads, BBC2 returns with Series 2, following the fortunes of six well-loved comedians completely out of their depths.

Andy Parsons and Ed Byrne get sent to Siberia on 8th July at 9pm. Sue Perkins and Liza Tarbuck drive the legendary Ho Chi Minh trail on Sunday 15th July at 9pm. Two more comedians Hugh Dennis and David Baddiel brave over 200km of Ethiopia'sdeath-defying roads to ancient Aksum on Sunday 22nd July at 9pm.

Episode 1: Siberia- Sunday 8th July, 9pm

The first episode sees old mates Andy Parson and Ed Byrne sent to Siberia. Crossing over 2,000km of frozen wilderness these two jokers attempt the epic drive from Yakutz, the coldest city in the world along the infamous "Road of Bones" to finish in the coastal city of Magadan, known as "The gateway to Hell."

They quickly learn not to turn off the engine and refuel on the move, as failure to do so would rapidly result in frozen fuel, a cracked engine block and hypothermia for the humans. Travellers regularly die on this road when they run out of fuel or break down.

It's a difficult drive from the start and the comics end up skidding off the road into the ditch on their very first day. Accommodation is sparse and they have to blag a supper of reindeer stew and a bed in a yurt with some local herders on their first night, enduring temperatures of minus 51 degrees centigrade.

Out on exposed roads Andy and Ed coax each other across dodgy timber bridges. Yet the road is relentless, and as soon as confidence is gained they find themselves in the ditch again and have to fight the intense col in a race to dig themselves out. Bryne is the more experienced outdoor adventurer but diminutive Parsons holds his own where the environment is the ultimate winner.

Episode 2: Ho Chi Minh Trail- Sunday 15th July, 9pm

Sue Perkins and Liza Tarbuck drive the legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail, a network of dangerous roads hacked through the mountains and jungles of Laos and Vietnam. Its role in the Vietnam War left it littered with unexploded bombs making it one of the most perilous roads in the world. Sue and Liza face a gruelling drive to some of the least explored sections of the Trail with both terrifying and hilarious consequences.

Episode 3: Ethiopia- Sunday 22nd July, 9pm

Comedians Hugh Dennis and David Baddiel drive over 2,000km of Ethiopia's death-defying, bone shaking roads, in a quest to reach Aksum, known as the home of the Ark of the Covenant. Along the way they have to compete with truck drivers high on khat (a local drug), a calamitous breakdown and a shortage of fuel in the middle of the night. At times , it seems like David and Hugh will need a miracle to get them to the end of the road and the holiest place in this deeply religious country.


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