Weirdest things left in rental cars

“It was like that when I got it” doesn’t appear on a list of excuses given to car rental company Europcar, but there are plenty of other curious reasons given for late returns or damaged cars, including the car being sat on by a horse and a lion eating the bumper in a safari park.

The funniest reasons are detailed below:

  • A collision with a cow
  • A horse sat on the bonnet
  • A nasty accident with an ice cream
  • Keys went missing while driver had a snooze
  • Car is missing in a multi-storey
  • A helpful neighbour gave the keys to a dustman
  • A lion took a dislike to the car

Perhaps funnier still are the things people leave behind in cars when they hand them back, some of the weirdest of which include fifty fluorescent bulbs, a false leg and a mannequin. The full list is repeated below.

  • A false leg  
  • A mannequin
  • Furry Handcuffs
  • 50 Fluorescent Light bulbs
  • A  Scottish Piper's Black Ostrich Hat
  • A printer
  • Flowers
  • A wheelchair
  • An ammunition case and stretcher
  • Half a pint of beer with  a CD called ‘The Art of Speed Seduction’
  • 10 odd pairs of shoes



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