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Banger Day at Blackbushe

Mon, 02 Feb 2004
There were plenty of nice late cars at auction today. In particular the excellent selection of executive models from LEX which we now see every Monday, Top Car or no Top Car.

However, today I thought I’d take a look at how the sheds were selling.

The very smart 129k mile 96P Calibra SE6 in the photo was one of the stars, making a healthy £1,975, exactly the same as a 146k mile 90H Lexus LS400 on non-standard alloys. A clean 96P early ‘97 model Mondeo 2.0GLX in familiar Pepper red with 80k miles sold for £1,325. A 145k mile 92J Frontera 2.3 diesel 5-door sold for £1,650.
But what can you get for under a grand?

Today’s answers were a late-look 74k mile 96N Escort 1.6LX, sold for £875; a late-look 66k mile 95M Escort 1.6LX, sold for £825; a 97k mile 95N Xantia 1.9D LX, sold for £725; and an unwarranted mileage but smart Nightfire red 96N Rover 827 Sterling (with the right engine), sold for £725.

Cheaper cheapies included (forget the mileages) a 92K Citroen ZX 1.4i Avantage, sold for £275; a 94L Montego 2.0LXi estate, sold for £200; a 91H Fiesta 1.1 Pop +, sold for £200; 94L Metro 1.1S 5-dr, sold for £160; a 95M Uno 1.0 Start, sold for £130; an 88F Golf 1.8GL auto, sold for £120; a 92J Metro 1.1S 5-dr, sold for £100; a 90G Cavalier 1.8GL, sold for £100; an 88F Volvo 740 2.0GLE, sold for £100; an 89F Escort 1.4L, sold for £90; an 86D Volvo 740GLE, sold for £70; a 90G 205 1.4GR, sold for £70; an 89F Orion 1.6, sold for £30; and an 87D Cavalier 1.6GL, sold for £30.

Dunce of the day was a 91J Maestro 1.3LX with the useful advantage of an MOT to November. That went for a tenner.

If you’re thinking of buying at auction, as always the best way to look for a specific car or pre-check a day’s sale is to visit

Next Brightwells HUGE WEEKLY 4x4 SALE is tomorrow, 3rd February at Leominster Market on the A49 by-pass, Leominster, Herefordshire, start time 11.00am, phone: 01568 611325, website:


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