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£10,000 S-Type Jag at Auction Today

Fri, 10 May 2002
Some dealers are talking no customers. Others can’t buy enough cars. So, once again, it was mixed messages at auction today.

The 99V S-Type Jag in the photo was as base spec as you can get. 3.0 litre V6 manual with velour seats, solid green paint, 74,000 miles, a towhook and TWR sticker in the back window. So had it been a race car tug? Your guess is as good as mine. It still sold for a solid £10,000. And looked cheap against a 19,000 mile 99T 3.0 V6 auto with all the bits that bid to £16,500.

At the other end of the scale, a clean but 107,000 mile 99S Mondeo 2.0GLX sold for £2,200. Huge value for money. Or how about a 79,000 mile 99T 2.0LX for £2,925? As a private buyer you can’t really go wrong with something like this.

VW proved its comparative residual strength when a scruffy, 87,000 mile Chagal blue 99T Golf GTi 1.8 5-door sold for £6,150. Same price new as the 99T Mondeo, but now worth more than twice as much.

Late diesels are desperately wanted, with a pair of 20,000 mile 01/51 reg Avensis D-4Ds with satnav making £9,300 - £9,400 and a 30,000 mile 2000X Toledo TDI 110SE (an excellent car, by the way) making an even stronger £8,850.

As per last week, Alfa 156s are selling again. A silver 54,000 mile 99S 1.8TS base model sold for £5,400 and a met red 42,000 mile 99T 2.0TS in need of a complete repaint sold for a crazy £6,600.

Heavy-duty executives stayed strong with a 71,000 mile 99S MB E280 Avant Gard selling for £12,000 and a 74,000 mile 2000V BMW 523iSE (steel liner block) making a solid £11,650.

Closest to bargain of the day had to be an 85,000 mile 97P Audi A8 2.8 Sport. Okay, I know it was a leggy P reg, but £6,450 didn’t seem out of order for so much motor.

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