Anti-Speed Campaigners and the Lessons of History

Tue, 20 Nov 2001
This came from Peter Evans:

Is history to repeat itself and prove once again that politicians and
academics never learn?

Why is that when a political leader is distracted or shows any sign of
weakness, a small marginalised self-interest group takes the initiative, fills the vacuum and imposes its will on an unwary population. How often has history recorded the antics of these groups as they elevate themselves to a position of power and then abuse it in the hysterical pursuit of some crusade or other?

How often does it all end in tears? How many lives are blighted as a result of the capers of these groups? As the group brings a country to its knees, what triggers action that brings common sense and reality to the proceedings? How often does the population have to rise up to defeat this group and restore sanity and normality?

Very often, these revolutionaries/terrorists/visionaries/zealots/freedom fighters/do-gooders devise a just cause to prosecute their campaigns and fund
themselves by imposing 'taxes' on the population. They have the benefit of knowing that the cause is just ( because the leader says so) and this fully justifies any actions that they take regardless of the cries of the population or resistance offered from those brave enough to oppose. They have the benefit of knowing that group members are safe because they make the rules and impose them. They are so right that this justifies using public funds to impress other group members and purchase trinkets and icons to project its powerful position to the public at large.

These groups creates a power base by recruiting cronies and other academics from within the legal system, the police force and other self-interest groups. In this way the group can apply the 'law' to ensure that its aims and ambitions are achieved. Every opportunity is taken to brainwash the population by repeating the slogan "The cause is good, the cause is good, support the cause. You must feel pain, hardship and emptier pockets because the cause is good. Anyone who opposes us is a criminal Long live the cause"

But then the reality is very often that the 'just cause' is based upon some impractical and unrealisable vision or academic concept. It inevitably involves new taxes to fund the cause, manipulated statistics to justify it and hidden truth to conceal the sleight of hand that is going on. This group brings life to a standstill and will project its power over the population by blockading roads and repeating the slogan repeatedly. It turns a blind eye to those weak and frail members of society that are subjucated by its regime and do not have the benefit of group membership. As it brings life to a standstill, it ignores the pleas of the sick who cannot get to medical
attention, the emergency services who cannot attend emergencies or law
abiding members of the public who need to work to be in a position to be pay the new taxes. Without fail, the cause weakness the revenue generators that it needs to fund its new found riches: commerce and industry

To date, history has recorded many of these situations where ultimately the great and the good triumph as the 'public interest' and democracy has won through despite the odds. This has been the case with the un-democratic Taliban in Afghanistan, the un-elected Communists of Russia, the suspect 'Whites Out' campaign of Robert Mugabe and the evil persecution of the Jews by the Nazis to name but a few.

Is it yet to record another: The Cash Raising Speed Campaign where a myriad of un-elected and under-funded public services have come together under the slogan 'no road deaths in our lifetime'. This academic, un-democratic and un-representative marginalised grouping is set to 'modify the behaviour of the population' by picking pockets so that group members face the prospects of untold wealth from group membership. What a unique opportunity to acquire copious amounts of cash that can be used to hide inefficiency and ineptitude - all for the best possible cause.

These self interest groups have names such as The Speed Camera Safety
Partnership where membership is controlled and restricted to civil servants. Special interest groups or motoring organisations are excluded. Groups can be made up from un-elected members of the police, magistrates, health authorities, local councils, the Crown Prosecution Service and the Highways Agency.

Will history record that this country under the leadership of a Labour
government went to war to save other countries from marginalised groups. Daily we are fed on a diet of our members of our armed forces exposing themselves to great danger to save indigenous populations from the fear of threats and intimidation. Will history record that as these forces were deploying space age technology to protect others, the government was powerless to stop un-elected and un-democratic marginalised groups at home mugging the families on the road side with the same technology.

The Conservative Poll tax was deeply unpopular and attracted a lot of
criticism but the instigators were elected representatives and not faceless public servants on a mission as is the case with the New Speeding Tax.

Are politicians s concerned that the public have lost confidence in them? Could it be that unless they represent the interests of the public that elected them by retaking control of the country from these marginalised groups, history will record many failed political careers and even a democratic systems that we used to know and love?


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